One Piece Episode 1046 - Taking a Chance! Both Wings Go into Battle!


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You have it all wrong. While we all understand that zolo fans see no issue with blatantly disregarding reality and the source material to peddle their bs agenda (see: the infamous "sanji breaks his leg against the seraphim" fake spoilers) actual OP fans wouldn't ever do that out of respect for Oda's work.
That come from unamed a sanji fan loser
added filler will make anime only zorotards cream their pants - Uzumaki Khan I'm looking at you, and recovering manga ZKK lunatics who will now pivot to the anime to relive their dumb dream.
that said overall I enjoyed the episode, much better than the ABSOLUTE SHIT they have been doing the last 5 episodes or so, decent pacing, great animation.
This is the explanation I saw for the translation.

The star line was actually never changed. It's exactly the same as the Japanese RAW in the manga. What Marco said in Japanese was ”花形”登場だよい, which actually directly translates to "The star actor has finally arrived/appeared", which was specifically referring to Zoro, because Sanji had already been there fighting from the start. I don't know why Viz decided to plagiarize TCB and steal their line 1-to-1 when it wasn't even a direct translation, but Crunchyroll's translation for this line specifically was more accurate than both TCB and Viz (which was exactly identical to TCB's).
I think the storyboard artist is inferior because they are not the author. I believe strongly in creators rights. An author chooses to share their headworld with you, you do not have the right to change it, it is theirs. What they choose to portray, how they choose to portray, and the symbolism, metaphors, and compositions they choose to get that portrayal across, you do not change.
All this changes with adaptation from medium to medium.

JoJo's has a good example of this. The final battle with Dio in the 2014/2015 adaptation is exactly what the manga did panel for panel.

However, its considerably worse than the final battle with Dio in the 90's adaptation because the 90's adaptation just understands and uses the medium more effectively and wasn't afraid to make changes to make things more effective.
The symbolism is lost when they reduced screen space. Take a ruler of the 'wings' scene that was supposed to be so iconic. Zoro is shoving more into the center while Sanji is pushed aside, it is literally changing the message the composition was supposed to put forth.
Again, not really. Both have the same space and have the same sort of reactions. The only difference is that the scale for the scene is larger, and the pose for Sanji is changed. Like, its worth noting that as opposed to taking up the entire page, Zoro and Sanji take up far less of the screen here because there is more stuff happening in the background.

The symbolism is not lost at all.

There are certainly changes. For example, additions to explain certain movements like the run up for the combo attack, but the meaning is still perfectly maintained with both King and Queen having spotlighted responses that emphasize the same impact for both of them.
Typical "umad" non-rebuttal from someone who gets a cheap dopamine hit from zolo getting fake feats, a fake dbz aura and other laughable nonsense.

You can't point out where I'm supposedly incorrect because I'm speaking only the truth. Truth, logic, literacy, decency: all things valued by functional adult members of society yet completely unknown to the zoroach
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