One Piece Episode 1046 - Taking a Chance! Both Wings Go into Battle!


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Jesus....this was embarrassingly bad episode, which says a lot because it was one of the best chapters in onigashima.
Nothing was good this episode:
  • When Marco says "it's time for the stars to take the stage" they add Zoro filler of his cringe ass posing around, completely ruining the moment and whole context of Marco's line
  • King and Queen actually get prepared before Zoro & Sanji's attacks and they know they are fighting them...which once again changes canon manga events where they get blitzed without knowing that Zoro and Sanji came back
  • Disgusting auras and flying around. I guess Zoro's animator came back to ruin the anime again
  • Zoro's shitty OST playing during important moment
  • all of Sanji's attacks got changed. There's no weird boomerang kick and there's no pinwheel kick, they got replaced by basic kicks... the fuck?
  • shitty animation
  • shitty pacing
  • Queen's laser beams got switched to... bullets? Because...I guess some 3rd world animator couldn't tell the difference?
  • That shitty cliffhanger with Luffy looking for Momo while giant pink dragon was in front of him apparently....
  • Most of the episode was probably outsourced in some 3rd world shithole.
Just... so bad.

This must be because Zoro got back and anime has to be dumbed down with flashing lights, retarded changes and the most generic OST.
Rooftop 2.0

Last episode (Sanji's) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this pile of crap (Zoro's)
I don't watch the anime but was it really that bad? I've waited for this moment to be animated to give it a watch but I may reconsider if it's that bad.
I dont mind this minor zoro wank after the Sanji wank in 2v1 vs queen and king the episode before
This isn't wank, wank is adding scenes to make a character look better; this is completely changing a scene that has a specific meaning and significance for no reason. Whether you hate Sanji or not, you can't deny this is simply an unfair omission that doesn't add anything to the scene and in fact takes away from it since it is a Zoro AND Sanji moment. I'm not saying Toei has a Zoro bias but this doesn't help their case, especially when this scene is supposed to be a little gift to both Zoro and Sanji fans but Toei didn't seem to care about one side while giving it only to the other.


I will never forgive Oda
Soundtrack was mid.
Aura catastrophe
Pacing was abysmal.
Unnecessary changes to the anime.
1.1 manga chapters for 1 episode lol

Seriously, this is a fast paced chapter and the anime team decided to turn it into a full episode of these guys awkwardly standing around.

This episode should've received a budget as large as last episode. Add filler here of all four characters fighting if you can't go past chap #1023.

Real disappointed and worried for the All Star fights.