One Piece Episode 1062 - Supreme Ruler of the Three Sword Style! Zoro vs. King

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I was watching the weekly One Piece episode with over 100 guests, including the person I was planning to propose to, all was well for a while, until auras started and my 4yo nephew starting having epileptic seizures. Meanwhile, someone smashed my $1500 85" TV to stop the flashing lights. When the ambulance arrived, my nephew died, they billed me $25,000, and my girlfriend left me for the doctor. MY LIFE IS RUINED!!
Real. Open the thread.
Amazing episode

Why does King have his flame on before getting hit by the final attack:suresure:
Zoro cut him just like that, the flame goes off when he loses consciousness. :steef:


WORO ADVCOC IS A RED LIGHTING:steef:, so massive that cover all the field:kuzanshut:
Doesn't Shanks summon CoC from the sky in a game? That's literally canon Zoro. :kobeha:
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This episode was great and the animation was awesome, but why did they make King's Imperial Drum Dragon so skinny? it looked way more impressive in the manga. This ain't no Imperial Flame Dragon, more like Imitated Flame Snakes. Funny how the animation team gave unlimited super saiyan auras in the previous episodes, but then gives King a skinny Imperial Drum Dragon on a diet.

Still better than Sanji's final vs Queen though.


VS Manga

King created a bunch of dragons. :jordanmf:

Toei reminding everyone that magma >>>>> fire :arnoling:

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Havent watched One Piece anime for a while. I enjoyed the episode, but tbh this doesnt look like One Piece anymore. Too many auras, too much green. The AdCoC is not properly shown. It seems the animators were more focused on making it flashy than following the manga.
I just hope they don't have Luffy shooting kamehameha aura blasts from his hands when his fight with Kaido gets animated.
:suresure:Imagine using non Canon stuff

Ankme tried to make King look good vs EnOu Zoro
Giving his a great AoE and spamming his finishers a lot lol

Which speed? :gokulaugh:
The dude is slower THAn boundman

Funny how Zoro fans use anime as proof but deny also quick when it doesn't favor zoro
Manga King disappears in flame off mode something neither Kata or wci Luffy did.

Anime only animated that.