One Piece Episode 1062 - Supreme Ruler of the Three Sword Style! Zoro vs. King

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they handled speed-wise animation better than sanji vs queen which sanjis animation should be more speed centric :))
Extension was great and all panels in the manga are protected as they are. We were talking about previous episode .
And , Z letter ending was very satisfied :)
Overall , they made best episode all over one piece .
Yeah king did go invisible like the manga shown.

Well a fire trail was put but he was indeed invisible speed wise.
That was so fucking peak i am actually shaking.

If I had a minor criticism it would be maybe some of the storyboard in the first half was slightly hard to read, but otherwise, that was stupid good.

Holy fuck.

Also, I think we can all agree we want Ishizuka doing the finisher for Luffy's fight, because holy shit that was the rawest art ever.

Hell, they even made the ending for the fight make more sense than the manga by having King do an all out charge attack against Zoro as a final move as opposed to just standing there dumbfounded after his dragon gets cut.}

Actual peak king shit.

I think they also beautifully executed King's story as well. I liked it in the manga, but I think they only further strengthened it by more directly tying it into Zoro's promise to his captain.

I'm surprised they used the episode of East Blue film for Zoro's flashback, but it also makes perfect sense, considering Ishizuka was also the animation director for Zoro vs Mihawk in that special.

Anyway, that was a genuinely a "WTF is this for real" out of 10.

Actual peak shit.
This episode was great and the animation was awesome, but why did they make King's Imperial Drum Dragon so skinny? it looked way more impressive in the manga. This ain't no Imperial Flame Dragon, more like Imitated Flame Snakes. Funny how the animation team gave unlimited super saiyan auras in the previous episodes, but then gives King a skinny Imperial Drum Dragon on a diet.

Still better than Sanji's final vs Queen though.


VS Manga
That wasn't his extra large one. He fired an extra large one after that one.
Episode was top tier and among the best in terms of animation but people are tripping calling it the best, 1017 is still the best fight focused episode in the series in terms of animation. This is probably second tho
I think the ending stretch for this episode is probably stronger than anything from 1017 IMO. Like, WTF, the Vincent, Yen, Ishizuka combo was beyond monstrous.