One Piece Episode 1062 - Supreme Ruler of the Three Sword Style! Zoro vs. King

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They should've stopped for a second to give the dragon scale against Zoro IMO. That's my one issue with the attack, minor that it is, that it never got enough focus. It felt too much like random fire with an amorphous head at the end.

Young King is too powerful.
True, they should have stopped for a second for King's final attack and put more focus on the dragon. In the manga it looked like King pulled a Akainu for a second, but in the episode, it was so short. Still loved the episode though.
This episode was great and the animation was awesome, but why did they make King's Imperial Drum Dragon so skinny? it looked way more impressive in the manga. This ain't no Imperial Flame Dragon, more like Imitated Flame Snakes. Funny how the animation team gave unlimited super saiyan auras in the previous episodes, but then gives King a skinny Imperial Drum Dragon on a diet.

Still better than Sanji's final vs Queen though.


VS Manga
I think the skinny dragons only on his first attack. The middle attack after skinny dragons, King shoot out the big dragon just like in the manga. Toei even make King a magma dragon himself for third attack, direct clash against Zoro's dragon damnation.