One Piece Episode 1064 - Shuron Hakke! The Lawless Dragon Closing in on Luffy

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Why is Kaidou's other hybrid form is purple. :whitepress:
At least make it Light Blue like the others.

Bad episode, if you are gonna adapt a fighting chapter than get an at least decent director so i dont have to see prolonged clashes every 2 seconds.
Shame that chapter 1037 adapted this way. Lets hope chap 1042 is good.
Brub the way you guys flip flop is so annoying. Toei is so good Lolda sucks
Oda is so good Loei socks

Are you not tired
Oda is not perfect and so does TOEI. I don't blindly lick or shat on Oda. I simply say it whether I feel bad or good about it. You need not to agree with me.
1037 had excellent fight choreography in the manga and I expect TOEI to do a better job than what we have got.