One Piece Episode 1086 - A New Emperor! Buggy the Star Clown!

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One Piece EPISODE 1086
[A New Emperor! Buggy the Star Clown]
Shin Kōtei! Senryō Dōke no Bagī!

Opening 25 | SEKAI NO OWARI - Saikō Tōtatsuten (最高到達点)
Ending 19 | Chilli Beans - Raise

Chapter(s) : 1058 (1 - )

Screenplay | ___
Art | ___
Animation |
島貫正弘 - Masahiro Shimanuki
Direction | 嶋谷将 - Tasuku Shimaya
Storyboard | 宍戸望 - Nozomu Shishido

Airdate: December 3, 2023

Episode 1087 Preview

Egghead Arc + Concept Art (set to begin on January 7, 2024)
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Buggy being an Emperor in the US wild but such a Oda thing to do him having the same bounty as Luffy I fell on the ground lmao 🤣😂

Luffy and Buggy are only two Yonkos whete their pirate crew use them as punching bags lmao 🤣😂

Zoro once again taking over Sanji for second biggest bounty on the crew

Technically Buggy has the strongest wings for a Yonkou crew

We finally get a bounty for Mihawk after so many Crocodile is no slouch either
They already have a Sanji picture so why would they do this? Are the marines retarded?
Oda is, he needs to keep the gags going, Sanji is never going to have a badass poster

Sanji doesn't even cares anymore, blud gave up on it :kobeha:
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Daddy's name still there. :josad:
Just when i thought Toei got something right

They forgot to remove the "Vinsmoke" name out of the poster

And people wanna use the anime to argue over the manga
"Ryokugyu doesn't have a black blade confirmed"

Yeah bro trust me