One Piece Episode 1107 - A Shudder! The Evil Hand Creeping Up on the Laboratory

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The anime staff came in clutch to animate Kuma's child abuse. Like literally, they even the staff were like "damn, I really had to lock in animating all those hundreds of layers of multiple people beating the shit out of that kid". I approve.


This forum is retarded.
Idk why WG kiddies hate on the same old Sanji joke nowadays.

1. It's nothing new. You guys are wearing the same old shoes, ya'll suck.

2. Me and 2 friends watched the episode together and we laughed at the Sanji scenes. Yes they were exaggerated, but back to 1: It's nothing new.

You guys are pathetic, repeating the same joke/hate on a character/episode as you probably did on FMI, Sabaody or other arcs.

Grow up WG users. Just do it for once please.
Because scrolling this thread, I read the same shit I read weeks/months/years ago on intoxicated and polluted internet forums.