One Piece Episode 1108 - Incomprehensible! The Seraphim's Rebellion!

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One Piece EPISODE 1108
[A Shudder! The Evil Hand Creeping Up on the Laboratory]
Rikai Funō! Serafimu no Hangyaku!

Opening 26 | Hiroshi Kitadani - UUUUUS! (あーーっす!)
Ending 20 | Maki Otsuki - Dear sunrise

Chapter(s) : 1075 ( - ),

Screenplay | ___
Art | ___
Animation | ___

Direction | ___
Storyboard | ___

Airdate: June 9, 2024

Episode Recap next week (RC18)


One Piece OP 26

One Piece ED 20
Just goes to show how mid the Strawhats are, 5 members couldn't handle the weakest seraphim based on one of the weakest warlords but Zoro alone can tango with the 2 strongest at same time while protecting Kaku and Lucci. :shame:
...I would say that Hancock's ability is stronger than Mihawks and Kuma's.

She is an instant win opponent.

Anyway, not a great episode, but definitely has some highlights. They really are going all out with animating S-Snake, and there was some cool action with Zoro and S-Hawk, particularly towards the end of the episode when S-Hawk revealed his devil fruit power.
pacing is terrible still Woro is the goat, dude is the only worthy strawhat beside nika nika

easly pushing back s-hawk (dude pushed Black Beard for 10miles with just 1 slash) and at the same time able to watch s-bear laser while holding 2 bumps:myman:
It gives her a higher ceiling without being more powerful but she needs to land it and the victims need to find her cute/attractive for it to work.
True. But most people fall victim to that. It works effectively on 99% of opponents, even ones potentially stronger than herself.