One Piece Episode 1109 - A Tough Decision! An Unusual United Front!

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That S-Hawk sequence was absolutely fantastic. No bullshit aura and over the top fighter jet movement. Grounded and fast paced choreography is all we need for a truly intense action scene. Love how Zoro had to juggle Kaku around during the entire exchange while dodging and the background music they had going plays a good part in selling how oppressive S-Hawk's assault is supposed to feel.

Hope they go all out with original choreography whenever we get to Zoro vs Lucci. His fighting style is too cool for them to limit themselves to the generic and boring clashes the manga gave us.
top fighter jet movement.
Bro there absolutely was lol.
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for the same reason why "everyone" likes Gear 5 Nika?

Normalfags don't have taste nor objective analysis of animation and choreography. They see flashy animation and "le evil faces, glowing eyes" and automatically think it's good.
...People within the industry are also praising the animation lol. But I guess they don't know anything either.
Bro there absolutely was lol.
What we got here were pretty straight forward dashes coupled with nicely done and interesting choreography. Nothing comparable to the flying bricks smashing into one another that some Wano sequences devolved into.

This is shonen anime. Some level of stylization and exaggeration is expected and even desirable. But going way over-the-top makes things feel weightless and artificial. A scene like this gets it just right imo and manages to present cool looking super-powered action without giving up on a certain degree of groundedness entirely.
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Bro shut up, you are a hater of everything it seems
go suck your daddy's cock if you want some praise.

I ain't giving them any praise until they animate fights normally like Luffy vs Blueno or Luffy vs Katakuri.
Instead of animating fights for tik tok zoomers.
The animation this episode was very good for an weekly anime,
wow, they they have budget for few seconds of above average animation after making 99% of the episode look like it was made in powerpoint?
You want me to praise them for this too?

without the overuse aura they used on Wano too
Wow, they removed a problem they themselves caused that nobody wanted besides those anime Zorotoddlers who watch youtubeshorts and saw Zoro's swords glow in aura back in dressrosa.

Do you praise a chef for not shitting in your food?
Do you praise chef for spitting in your food because he could've taken a piss in your food and made it worse?
Zoro is already fighting an elder
Headcanon as always

Zolo can't even hit them :suresure:

Luffy - hey bonney lets go nika together and take on elders
She has been getting saved by Sanji (and Franky) multiple times, wont be different this time

Sanji who was standing beside luffy - but..but wasn't I the third strongest?
Sanji is only behind Luffy currently

Zoro is the third strongest, followed by his partner Jinbe. They even combo attacks