One Piece Episode 914 - Finally Clashing - The Ferocious Luffy vs. Kaido

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Oooohhh, that was a great. As a whole, the best animated episode since the beginning of Wano and it comes as a pleasant surprise. I don't mind if any chapter or any fight gets drawn out as long as it looks like that.

Kaido shows consistent animated movement the entire episode despite how hard the dragon is to draw, much better than last week. Boro Breath suffered a nerf compared to last week's impact, especially using that attack on Speed, but Leftovers town is not supposed to become a smoking crater so it's something we have to deal with in exchange for getting to see Dragon Kaido fight. Luffy on the other hand, might be causing more infrastructure damage than Kaido here.

I love how Kaido no-sells the impact of every Luffy hit. Devastating giant punch after giant punch, a few warping his face, but I can't honestly tell if he's reeling from a single one. He's just too drunk. This drunk dragon trying to claw at Luffy, blast him or whip him with his tail was funny. The scenes at the beginning of the episode establish he's still very much out of it. Kaido is barely even trying but Luffy needs a double Gear 3rd block to not get blown away lol.

The haki aura that explodes out of Luffy and Kaido is weird. I don't hate it, but I don't think overusing like this is a good thing. I would keep it in the epic clashes and only then. But it is what it is, just throwing in extra flashy effects. I really loved Luffy's intense expressions the entire episode, that did a much better job of setting a dramatic mood that the red energy and glowing eyes.

Tama "dying" was rubbed in much better than the manga. They have the advantage of throwing in voice acting and montage sequences and used it well. A Boro Breath to her face is just savage though, calm the fuck down director. Kaido slashing her and Speed with a generic claw attack would been more than enough, also leaving Speed's body currently not completely burned up an actually realistic consequence.

Pretty much loved the whole thing. Next episode is the finale which should be even better.
The anime did nothing wrong power scaling wise. Luffy bodied Kaido's Zooan form in the manga. His own henchmen said Kaido was getting pummeled. Anyhow, the most important is the you-know-what next episode. That's what everyone is waiting for.

My only complaint about this episode was the music. We needed some more hype music.
What a joke made kaido look weak af. In the manga kaido didn't even attack luffy once other than boro breath and the last 1 hit ko.
The episode went out of its way to make Kaido look stronger, with him even while drunk being able to over a real fight against Luffy as opposed to just getting helplessly pummelled.
Solid episode, Toei is doing Wano so much justice that a change here and there is meaningless to me. Just look at the kino below, they did better at showing Luffys anger than oda though they still have a problem with stretching scenes out for no good reason

Veru Nicu
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