One Piece Episode 922 - A Tale of Chivalry! Zoro and Tonoyasu's Little Trip!

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Orochi's voice was easily the highlight of the episode. I love how he switches from low to high pitch depending on what he wants to emphasize. Almost like he's a maniac with a split-personality. Because of his appearance, he doesn't have keep a cool or intimidating aura around him all the time so he's free to let loose and act silly. Great laughs too. He has some sort of squeaky snorting thing and then the fully belly laugh. They should have probably kept him silhouetted until his official manga appearance just to present the illusion that he's a personal threat, but this must be like the third time we see his face by now. His eight serpent heads all blacked out but covered in that haki aura still makes him seem threatening.

Pleased to see Carrot/Wanda and Zoro filler. That gave me a chance to appreciate their Wano outfits. At least we can pretend bunny girl isn't going around everybody's backs and being a traitor. I expected Tonoyasu to be more annoying and overflattering than he turned out to be. He actually comes off as a pretty normal One Piece character despite acting like a kiss-up. That should make anime Yasu easier to tolerate. Zoro's gambling adventure was nothing special, it reminded me of Fujitora being introduced in Dressrosa's gambling house by taking out some thugs who were trying to rig the game. Zoro's "Dragon Quake" was odd. It's like he slashed but dealt Conquerer's haki damage with Whitebeard sound effects. If that was Luffy that would have been a simple CoC blast, but with Zoro this is the cool stuff they try to do.

The rest of the episode was rather average. I saw Big Mom's Jolly Roger in the preview so I'm hyped for next week.
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Solid episode
It felt like they adapted only a few pages but the fillers were awesome.
Orochi's voice is a lot deeper then i thought it would be lol and he looks exactly like Wario. He sure has some balls asking for Vegapunk and shooting a CP0 agent ( I know he has the backing of a yonkou).
The irony that FRANKY is the one looking for blueprints disguised as a carpenter
Kanjuro's painting are always hilarious.
Loved how Zoro casually used the attack on Monet in today's episode like it was nothing. Holy shit that No-sword style looked awesome too.
Solid episode.

This is exactly what I was hoping the Wano anime would do. Act 2 was a very schizophrenic experience in the manga due to how much jumping between scenes there are. So many moments got skipped over which reduced the effectiveness of later plotpoints. Case in point, this episode focused on Zoro and Yasu. A relationship which will form a large basis for Zoro's Wano arc. In the manga, Zoro just inexplicably met Yasu offscreen, having the event be recounted to us by Yasu through clunky exposition. It's still there verbatim, but it doesn't bother me as much as in the manga. The setting and general atmosphere of the filler felt like straight of a Ronin movie. It's a common cliche for the wandering Ronin to stumble upon shady individuals and get the best of them. It helps to play up the role Zoro's been given this arc. As for Yasu's voice performance. It's great. He really feels like a loveable goof, but one you can tell is hiding profound wisdom. Seeing him tell Zoro to spare the thug who tricked him felt like a mentor's advice to his pupil. And Yasu does play sort of a guiding hand for Zoro in the time they had with eachother.

For the rest of the episode, I really appreciated the filler between Carrot and Wanda. The Alliance presence is pretty minimalist outside of the main players. Tough job on selling you the idea there's a whole group of people in on this plan. Simply showing us Wanda and Carrot infiltrating and getting weapons from the enemy does a lot to make them feel involved in this large conflict.

Franky's sequence was amusing. Not too much to say besides I really liked the ukiyo-e visualization of the folks he had to question for the blueprints.

End of the episode gave me chills. Seeing the various parties converging towards the palace does a great job of creating suspense for what is to come. And Orochi continues to be pretty menacing in the anime. And his voice work is very appropriate for the disgusting tyrant he is. Momonosuke's little scene with Tama did a great job of endearing his character. He almost felt like the protagonist training in order to take back the country from the monsters who took it away. Amigasa Village also looks breathtaking in the anime.

Next episode is gonna be good. Linlin and co finally make their entrance, Orochi's proper introduction, and Zoro's touching time in Ebisu.