One Piece Episode 923 - A State of Emergency - Big Mom Closes in!

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well most likely it is Snack there are reasons for that:
first of all Cracker was surprised that Luffy was able to destroy his armor , and Smoothie should be stronger and without a doubt Katakuri is not the one, otherwise he could have mentioned that in his fight with Luffy , he is the strongest sweet commander .
secondly Snack as he was introduced in chapter 894 he was angry and talking to himself mentioning the worst generation , i doubt it is only because Urouge alone , i think BM degraded him because of his apparent weakness against the supernova
That's old snack his Haki bloomed now .
Some surreal pacing here. The first half is slow to a crawl, and then Page One steps in and like six important scenes happen one right after another. In my opinion, they eat away at each other. Kid fought a Big Mom Commander and lost his arm to the Red-Hair pirates, but between Brook finding a Poneglyph and the Big Mom pirates appearing, I almost forgot he's even part of this episode.

I see why they casted Orochi's VA. From Cindryyyy-chan to Komurasakkkkki, this man is obsessed over his babes.

Ebisu town started off as friendly and homely, but after hearing enough laughs the atmosphere actually got pretty disturbing. Drink the Kool-aid, Zoro. The viewers should get the sense that something is wrong here, that lady's teeth were falling out for goodness' sake .

Page One looks freaking good. Just not some bad shots that add unnecessary extra pounds. I know Oda likes to make Wano extra colorful and stuff, but that I'm glad he went for a dark purple theme with his hair and clothes over red/blue/green/orange/pink. I love how his dark scales look with Drake to right next to him to compare. I imagined Spinosaursus had more complex patterns on their plated backs, sadly here it's some dark orange filling. His voice and his dino roar are simply great. I still can't believe this man has his own name tattooed across his arms and chest like that.

Hybrid X-Drake intrigues me too. He loses his bright hair entirely and gains scale hair. Even his sideburns are scales now. He doesn't hulk out and change proportions like the typical Zoan but retains a slightly thicker version of his human body. It looks great with his human-tailored outfit.

Then, Yonko Big Mom's theme starts to play. Kaido and I both know what that means! Very nice to see an animated gallery of all the children who joined Big Mom. You have to pause and do dirty work otherwise, like finding Snack. The "sketchy" Wano art style fits the cartoonish designs you find all over the Big Mom pirates so well, WCI would have looked smoother like this. King meets the BMP, next week's spoiler is such a huge tease.

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Forget the colours for a sec, why does P1 look nothing like his base manga design. Man looks more like Barney with his eyes so close together like that.

Holy hell the anime team was wildin on this one. They created their own character entirely lmao.
I mean...Oda changed P1’s design in the manga as well
P1 in chapter 929 when he first appeared:

P1 in chapter 930:
I'm happy that they did the BMP entrance hype at the end of the episode, and decided to save the King hype for the next episode.

I can't wait!:steef:
TBH, its not a terribly high bar to breach. Sanji sadly doesn't have too many well animated fights in the show, so anything above pretty competent will be good. The fight I think that currently holds that position IMO would be Sanji vs Jabra(that had a really nice animation supervisor on it). I'm think this one could top that in terms of consistency...
Great episode! I really feel for the poor people of Ebisu town, but Zoro's forced smile made me laugh. Also can't wait for Stealth Black vs Page One, but the fight is probably going to be saved for the episode after next at this pace Page One has weird hair though. Actually his design looks a bit awkward this episode as does X-Drake's hybrid form with that color palette they're using. Orochi is, of course, really creepy, and the Big Mom pirates are back. Fun times head.
what kind of colors does the page one have. looks wierd, they Always picking the wierdest color bombo ever. and that was at night now?'
Yeah, its at night. They did fight at night time.
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I think one of the benefits of the anime filler showing the Big Mum pirates in action, is that it contextualises abit more some of the crew members that we see in this episode, and gives a bit more gravitas to the situation. In the anime Charlotte Nusstorte, Basskarte and Dosmarche were shown giving the Germa siblings trouble for several episodes which made them seem to be decently tricky opponents. Charlotte Tablet and Mobile were given fights against the main cast, although they were beaten swiftly, they certainly stick out a little bit more because they had some role. Same is sort of true for Raisin who was actually shown in action against Pekom's after Sanji's attack on him.

Basically what I'm getting at, is that some of the anime's filler fights in WCI did make the reveal of the Big Mum pirates showing up have a little bit more oomph, as there were more characters given a bit more context.
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At this point, I don't feel so good about Sanji vs Page 1 fight anymore, Oda might as well make Sanji's RS pink LOL.:rolaugh::whitepress:
Don't think so. Reiju is Pink one and we already see color scheme of RS in opening. It's nothing like that.
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Pageone pushing Sanji to use the RS :finally:
Will be amazing
For disguise, not power. I can't wait to see Sanji kicking down PO before putting RS on :steef:.
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People still nit picking with designs:seriously:

Page one design is fine... can't wait to see page one pushing sanji to use raid suit (I know Toei will add it's own content - will it portray sanji in bad light or good would be interesting to see lmao)

Anime is good these days. All I am waiting for is Queen funkin and BM vs Queen
Nah, they always show him in good lighting especially he is one to defeat credible foe unlike a certain character ;).
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