One Piece Episode 924 - The Capital in an Uproar! Another Assassin Targets Sanji

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Solid episode
Queen is fucking hilarious, one of my favorites commanders for sure.
Holy shit did King just Diable Jambe and solo the entire Big mom crew lol.
Cant wait for sangoro to all out next week, the preview for next weeks episode looks nuts.
Wait Queen is on the episode..??:finally:
King used Diable Jambe :yasu:
Since it’s from anime, It’s a canon thing now.:myman:
I love the extra scenes with King, Queen, and Kaido monitoring BMP from Onigashima.
Queen, again, exceeds my expectation! his voice suits him so well. I already cant wait till we get to his act soon (prolly one of the few reasons Prisoner Mine act was bearable to me) . and of course, THE KING walking out of the base to diable jambe BMP with the "no need to wait, I'll get rid of these clowns quick" attitude :king:
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