One Piece Episode 941 - Toko's Tears! Orochi's Painful Bullets!

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Good episode.

I felt so Bad for Toko after seeing her trying to use the "toad oil" she got from Usopp to try and revive her dad, and Usopp's reaction afterwards,

Nice to get a good explanation about the key ingredient of the Smiles (SAD) and how the after affects of the fruit effected the citizens on Ebisu Town and how it also effects the Beast pirates as well.

So damn glad to see the Tag Team Duo back together.
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I honestly feel that emotional events like these work really well with the snail pacing. You could fell the ironic suffering of Ebisu residents and Toko. The smile explanation was messed up. Doffy and Ceasar basically mocking their victims. And Orochi continues to be so good. His unaplogetic slimy evil asshole persona is fucking gold. His VA is amazing too.

I was waiting for the last scene to get animated since I first read the chapter last year and I wasn't disappointed :steef:

Love anything with Zoro and Sanji combo
Episode was pretty solid considering it was mainly dialogue. The episode had enough creative stuff going on in the dialogue to keep it interesting, and especially in the first half, there was a great tone that really helped sell the horror of Orochi's plan.

The art was also on point this chapter, and I really enjoyed Sanji and Zoro's team up at the end of the episode.

Next episode looks like it will be fantastic. By the look so of it Tetsuro Nireki and Kenji Kuroyanagai seem to be carrying the action in the preview.

Kenji Kuroyanagai is a fantastic animator, who used to be a big name on the anime, but disappeared from the show after Fishman island. Love seeing his return.
the only thing worthy talking about is the reunion i really liked sanji fire ring and melting the bullets looking forward for sanji vs drake and zoro vs kyo

Fuck still disappoints me that Kyoshiro is not evil, he was the perfect match for Zoro, the Shogun in the shadows :josad:
it’s a retarded move from oda, i was hyped to see the wano fighters but there was none every strong swordman was a good guy because of “tHe dOjoS wEre cLosEd fOr 20 yeArs” with exception of kyoshiro he had potential like the shogun behind the scenes and it was all thrown away for him to be denjiro

“wano, land of the samurai” my ass