One Piece Episode 952 - Tension Rises in Onigashima! Two Emperors of the Sea Meet?!

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Great episode

Its kinda funny how toned down Jack is when he is in front of both King and Queen.

Doing the huhhh-face to slip by the wanted posters...Oda you mad man!!

It was great seeing Robin being a motherly figure to Toko such a sweet moment.

The clash between Zoro and Gyukimaru was great.

King being from one of the 3 races not found in Big Mom’s country just adds more intrigue to his character honestly, and Big Mom asking King to join her crew was basically a imitation of what Shanks said to Marco on the Moby Dick.

Big Mom in enemy territory casually just intimidating the Calamities and then going toe to toe with Kaido you gotta respect that. Holy shit that clash at the end was🔥 🔥 🔥🔥
  • Lol. How many times are we going to see Yasuie die?
  • Usopp's frog was doing the meme face too. :pepemwai:

  • Inuarashi talking with his tongue sticking out of his mouth always weirds me out. So unbecoming for a classy royal and well behaved pup like him.

  • Does passive Ryou really need that lightsaber/super saiyan sound effect?
  • Gyukimaru has so many weapon options but he pulls out an exact copy of the polearm that just broke.:vistalaugh:

  • Zoro vs Gyukimaru was pretty clean. Gotta appreciate simple swordplay without haki/aura effects some of the time. Zoro going easy delivering blunt damage was good too.
  • Bruh. :suresure:Anime Kaido's extra tiny legs crack me up every time.

  • Kaido went for the full Bagua. Nice. Shame we didn't get to see Queen and the scrubs reacting at the end here
First half of the episode was slow and recappy, but the second half was greatness. The clash itself looked kinda awkward in the manga as Oda was focused on recreating the Shanks/Whitebeard panel, so I appreciated the added intensity here. They both hate each others guts and talk about killing one another, so screaming their lungs out and unleashing their hardest swings enhances the scene. I will say everything with Big Mom had some questionable OST choices, but the rest of the episode did fine in that department. Interesting that next episode we get some Kaido vs Big Mom filler material. Even a little will be an improvement over the complete offpanel in the manga. Kudos to Toei for the fanservice.


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Nice episode. Wano's colorful atmosphere and scenery is a great treat even in the most mundane scenes.

Zoro vs Gyukimaru was really well done. And sets up the Gyukimaru reveal as well.

Queen's voice actor is so funny. He nails Queen's personality.

I honestly expected more colorful auras and shit from the Kaido x Big Mom clash. It looked cool but was more understated than I'd expected.

Overall decent episode with a couple of really cool highlights.