One Piece Episode 959 - The Promised Port! Wano Country Arc Act 3 Begins

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it seems ch960 = episode 960, ch961=episode 961

then there's chapter 962
which the rest of 9rs joined oden
i hope they make fillers her and stretch this chapter into 2 episodes
962 for izo&kiku, kanjuro
963 for raizu , ashura doji
964 for kawamtsu + inu & niku
965 take the rest of chapter 963 ended with oden vs WB and stretch the fight .

ch 964 is oden adventure outside wano
i think they can stretch this and no one will complain
why not small arc in random island with WB pirates !?
Nor would he kick his captain in the face, cant believe you guys are proud of that fact LOL
He tried his best to get Luffy to hate him and abandon him. So he kicks Luffy. What else could he do? He knows he's a lost cause and doesn't want anyone else to be caught up in the mess. Can't blame him for thinking that Luffy won't be able to save Zeff who was sitting in East Blue. As a Luffy fan, I think it was justified even though maybe it wasn't the best course of action.
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