One Piece Episode 959 - The Promised Port! Wano Country Arc Act 3 Begins

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I came here expecting talk about the episode, instead the same Sanji vs Zoro that’s on every thread like it’s actually boring. It’s been boring for years now and it’ll never stop.

Rogers voice was kinda off for me. But one thing that made me laugh was the way they were looking up to Oden, yet he was kinda shadowed out. Also I wasn’t expecting Spencer to have red hair for some reason lol
Is it safe to mention names of the Roger Pirates members here? Names were not introduced in the manga but on a databook anyway...

Do you think the guy with shades, the fishman guy and the guy with a red long hair are picked on purpose for the close up shots alongside the ones we already know? Or just random picks?

I know Gaban is one of the best men on Roger's crew... So yeah, why Sunbell and Spencer are picked to have a close up as well, but not Seagull who was already highlighted in Chapter/Episode 0?

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