One Piece Episode 982 - Kaido's Trump Card - The Tobi Roppo Appear

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How important can a toast be?
oda said he wanted to draw the entire Skypiea arc just because he had the image of the Skypiea party in his mind

Oda also said he brought Pell back to life because he wanred the Alabasta party to be as joyful as possible

Oda even said the moment he is looking forward to drawing the most is the last party at the end of the series

So… Oda really loves his toasts and this episode selling the importance of the party after the war is just being very faithful to Oda
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They better bring the staff that did this episode back for the rooftop fight at least.
@Garp the Fist
The key player is Megumi Ishitani… She directed this episode and Episode 957 with the warlord abolition

So she made the two best episodes in Wano

She is also the head director of the entire Wano anime so you could say she is thw reason the whole of Wano is generally better

Also her favorite character is Zoro so she is the GOAT all round
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One Piece EPISODE 982
"Kaido's Trump Card - The Tobi Roppo Appear"

カイドウの切り札 飛び六胞登場
Kaidō no Kirifuda - Tobi Roppō Tōjō

Opening 23 | DREAMIN' ON - Da-iCE
Chapter(s) : -

Airdate: July 11, 2021

Episode 983 PREVIEW

OP 23 - TV Size
Man, Queen is pure hype, it's easy to understand why Apoo joined the Beast Pirates, those guys know how to throw a party!!