One Piece Episode 984 - Luffy Goes Out of Control?! Sneaking into Kaido's Banquet

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Good episode.

Loved the interaction among the crew we need more of that in the new world.. Jinbei/Robin just casually walking together lol

Toei loves them them Zoro, i don't blame them he is a bad ass.

Luffy looks damn pissed at the end you know he is about to cause some havoc, and him saying he will make sure someone doesn't ruin the plan lol.
About zoro using coc now.

i personally dont think It was a bad decision of the anime at ALL. Especially If zoro dosent know It was him.

Zoro is shown to have possible coc since sabaody in the anime. And even in wano when he intimidate that sumo Dude that wanted Kiko as wife.

And here he shows again in the first part of the party he intimidating a Guy and actually used It for the FIRST time after the guards make Fun of the people of kobore town , and zoro had a great interaction whit those people and Yasuie.