One Piece Episode 984 - Luffy Goes Out of Control?! Sneaking into Kaido's Banquet

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  • What kind of milk did kid Orochi drink? Man holds his women like a child picks up a doll.

  • Denjiro looks like a stuck up punk with that leather jacket.

  • I counted 20 fodder pirates in the back + 8 Kid pirates in the front. Kid has about Roger's crew size, maybe bigger.

  • Wano has not been kind to the Kid Pirates. Some of these guys lost all of their gains in detainment.:doffytroll:
  • Is Apoo picking all this wild music? :queenhear:This party went from a rave to a samba.

  • Goddamn I love the Franky bike.
  • Dat Nami and Carrot in the tank...the good old Toei fanservice we've been missing is back.:shocking:

  • Yamato was the shadow spying on the Strawhats? Good to know, I don't think the manga was ever revealing that surprise.

  • Once again, Page One is the most miserable creature on Earth.
  • The real reason Who's Who wanted to get promoted was to get away from Ulti.:suresure:
  • Not exactly subtle foreshadowing that Zoro has CoC if he just straight up knocks goons out. :king:Later on we even get a fake "Zoro has CoC" tease. What an awful way to spoil that surprise.

  • Lmao the goons are just having a food fight with the Oshiruko, a cruel way to rub it in Luffy's face.

  • The build up to Luffy's punch really well done here. It would have felt more powerful if he executed it to end this episode rather than having to build it up again next ep, but that's how it was in the manga.
A fairly enjoyable episode. It covered a standard amount of pages by moving the Tobiroppo scene, but removing the weekly recap for mini-flashbacks throughout for Orochi, for Kin'emon, for Tama and filler scenes with the Kid Pirates, the Tobiroppo, then Zoro and Luffy made it feel jam-packed with content. The art looked iffy in the big group shots, but that and repeating the plan again (and Zoro's CoC) were my only negatives. I loved the blaring color contrasts and the really out of place OST used for the party moments. Lots of directorial creativity here from Luffy running through the tori gates, the presentation of Black Rhino and Brachio Tank, and the play on light with Tama and Ebisu being remembered with warm colors to contrast pirates wasting food in the darkness or really cold colors. Lastly, I have to appreciate all the comedic moments this episode with almost every joke hitting better than the manga.

Next episode looking pretty hype.:finally: I don't even mind they moved the Tobiroppo meet Kaido over to that one.

Blother Fertitta

Chama no Chama
Usopp cucked Sanji. It ain’t even his arc :milaugh:

Can we talk about Franky? This guy is awesome, the techs in deckk

Not bad stuff by chopper. I rmmbr chopper annoyed me when the chapter came out with this.

And Zoro Ebisu town, water, sake, moment colliding with the Beast Pirates into a CoC Haki burst was definitely surprising released so early.

But once again it was administered to parallel the plights Luffy observed throughout Wano as well.
Well, it's Zoro and it's CoC it's gonna be awesome anyway, but they completely ruined it's meaning and the actual moment in the rooftop, CoC was always supposed to awaken in the most tough situations. It was like that with Luffy, Ace and Zoro, Toei did bad with Zoro imo
I mean, Luffy also used it randomly against a bull for no apparent reason when he didn't even know he had it.

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Zoro's was too obvious, everyone knows thats Conqueror's, they could've done better. It wont be a surprise for anime watchers anymore, much less have the same impact
I mean like, its even less of a surprise when manga readers are constantly say "I CAN'T BELIEVE ZORO SHOWED CONQUERORS HAKI IN THE ANIME THIS SOON!".

That would also ruin the surprise.