One Piece Episode 985 - Thinking of O-Tama - Luffy's Furious Strike

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Blother Fertitta

Chama no Chama
King went to reach for his sword (he gets serious) against 2v1 vs Sasaki and WsW

Non serious regular Zoan king neg Diffs Lanji LOL

The way it’s looking, Kid will look very impressive coming soon. Im guessing Right now is not good time to bet against Kid. (So imma be quiet with the shade lol). Although manga didn’t do him justice, filler scenes already boost his cred, anime canon scenes will make him look like a true top supernova and Luffy rival. Expecting next week for Apoo to flex like crazy, anime gonna make Apoo look strong asf.

Also enraged Zoro and Luffy are building up….

Coukd y’all IMAGINE what they have in store for chapter 997
Decent episode.

I think Kazuya Hisada's animation direction was pretty nice. I enjoy how he draws Kaido and Who's Who the most I think.

Shida made a return, and was pretty solid, though a bit limited for him, and there was some nice movement in the second half.

Not as good as last week I think, but still a perfectly watchable episode.