One Piece Episode 985 - Thinking of O-Tama - Luffy's Furious Strike

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,2 things they should not have kings haki just to tell random guy to shut up and 2nd zoro was just cutting a building why did they need to put glowy chi bull shit around building while cuting a building.


or they could did that against queen or couldve done it with out glowy bull shit and him saying nothing and just show his useing enma then cut the building.
They could but they didnt because enma has massive significance to this arc. Being the sword that zoro will use to kill kaido thus finishing what oden couldnt do.
He didn't and the fact that two fodders like them can push King to get serious just shows two things:

1. That the power difference between King and Who's Who Is less big than the one between Kaido and King, which means that Queen and King difference is even less big, in fact there's a slightly difference in favor of King.
2. That Sanji can most likely defeat King, since:
Base Sanji is fightning Hybrid Queen and he won't have problem defeating Franky's opponent Sasaki and Who's Who that got low-mid diffed by Jinbe
Whatever irrelevancy you are saying :gonope:
King > WsW > Sasaki > EoS Sanji :goyea:
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Except Sanji is fighting Queen not sure how the fuck that argument even helps you
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Can't wait for all the tama chapters animated, glad I rarely watch an entire episode, not sure how anime only will manage through that
This is for the retards that think Sanji will fight king after queen