One Piece Episode 991 - Enemy or Ally? Luffy and Yamato!

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Good episode

When Big Mom is not treated as Big Meme she is one of the most devastating person in One Piece.

Robin, Jinbei looking like villians in their beast pirates outfit.

Ulti talking shit after getting her ass kicked by Yamato lmao "Blundet Bagua" had me rolling.

Toei loves showing off Zoro action in these episodes.

Loved the clash between Yamato and Luffy it looked pretty dope.
  • Perospero's kind of a dick for not taking the rest of the crew up there. I vote Katakuri for next leader.

  • Toei really loves Big Mom vs little tank.

  • Would be neat if the anime shows us Big Mom's tsukumogami getting defeated. These homies were just sort of abandoned in the manga.

  • Robin tells the drunk Beast Pirates NO FRISKING. Mantisgirl comes on strongly to Zoro.
    Kaido's got himself a very horny crew:kaimoji: WORORORO.

  • Uh, did those Gifters destroy their own fodder?
  • The legendary Stagbeetle Headliner is here.:finally: But I'll never forgive them for sticking on a horn on Sabo's face.
  • White blood is the worst way to censor blood. This Zoro fight just became a hentai scene:milaugh:

  • Doesn't even surprise me how good Yamato looks right now, she could completely clown Luffy at this point in the story.
  • One episode away from unmasking, yet I can already see Yamato's big bazongas and non-masculine face. :shocking:
Fairly okay episode. About the adaptation I'd expect given the content available, same for the OST with mostly old reliable stand by tracks. The two major missteps where extending Big Mom vs Chopper and Usopp again and the episode "spoiling" unmasked Yamato. Some sprinkled animated bits throughout the episode like BM's "Life or..", Zoro slashing fodder and Yamato vs Luffy/Ace helped kept it interesting at all points. I personally loved the lighting and angles when Big Mom brought the tsukomogami to life. Big Momma making her way through that tiny hall was amusing. Luffy using Red Hawk to trigger Yamato Vs Ace was also sweet, so happy to hear my boy's VA outside of the Marineford death scene.:catcry:
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