One Piece Episode 992 - Desire to be Oden - Yamato's Dream

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Pretty solid episode. Decently well paced despite not a terrible lot happening.

Strong storyboard in the first half by Nakashima. Really liked Law teleporting them to the roof, and an even stronger board by Komaki. Lots of cool stuff there. Tons of interesting perspectives and cool lighting choices.

Despite being outsourced, there were also some really neat pieces of character animation, particularly around Kaido, that I really liked.

Overall, even if it was a very chill, and a pretty flashback heavy episode, it was pretty solid. I think they did a good job selling some of the emotional beats that were brushed over in the manga, like Kiku and Izo reuniting. We still haven't seen Izo's reaction to finding out what happened to Kiku, so that should be interesting.


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Amazing episode.

Yamato definitely does not need to become more beautiful than she already is. I hope she will slowly but effectively move on on this Oden matter still.