One Piece Episode 999 - I'll Protect You - Yamato Meets Momonosuke

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Not a single memorable moment in this ep

They should end the Yamato vs Ulti already it's getting stupid at this point
Actually 2 memorable moment:
First Yonko hype goes to the trash bin especially for the fan that follow only the anime :suresure:
Second Sanji is still sleeping next some rocks (dreaming for hot girls) while he was used to hype King (usually sanji is used to hype the main antagonist). Luffy based on the anime, wanted to save Sanji.:gokulaugh:

So that are two very good points :ihaha:
MHA skipped out on major details and scenes in the latest season.
What annoyed me the most about this was that we still got something like 5-7 episodes of ultimately stakeless school training exercises. I enjoy a vs b, but if i had to make plot cuts to make content fit, it is where i would go vs where they went.