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Shanks' bounty 12 years ago is 1.04 (or 1.004) billion berries. Shanks is known as "the killer of Color of Observation Haki", which doesn't let his opponent see through the future. Shanks uses his burning sword to villains.

1-year-old Shanks was found in a treasure chest by Roger and Rayleigh that was stolen by Roger when God Valley incident happened. Source: Volume 4 Billion handed out in theaters.

Luffy meets Shanks although Luffy is unconsciously down. The scene where Luffy as Nika and Shanks attack their enemy at the same time was awesome. Shanks warns Kizaru and Fujitora, "If you're gonna steal Uta from us, be prepared to die!" and releases Conqueror's Haki.

Kizaru is sweating to see Shanks' Haki , "So...this is the Haki of Yonko Shanks.." Fujitora decides to retreat, saying they shouldn't start a "war" despite many citizens near them.

Beckman is good at Haki and rifles, whose bullet penetrates his enemy. He loves women and is popular among women. Yasopp never misses his mark and loves dancing. Lucky Roo is a cook and is not good at handling women. He is good at Haki and attacks like a bowling ball.

Bonk Punch and Monster are musicians. While Monster beats fodders and gain time, Bonk spends some time and releases a strong punch to a formidable enemy in one breath. Oda wrote his power is super-strong. Limejuice fights with a electric stick "in the air like Sanji".

Hongo is a doctor and so familiar with weapons that he can rip apart weapons instantly. He loves a clean environment. Building Snake is a navigator. He attacks with a stomping kick. He fights with acrobatic juggling two-sword style. He is good at defense.

Howling Gab attacks with cutting howling. He hates insects and ghosts. Rockstar attacks with his "smashing-up sword style". He digs a hole with his sword like a drill. He has a strong sense of justice and wants others to follow rules.


In the film, Shanks gets beaten up in his face by many manipulated citizens, but he won't attack them and just endures, worrying about their health. On the other hand, Kizaru instantly tries to kill citizens who attack him.

Kizaru tries to kill citizens with his laser beam since they attack Marines. Beckman prevents him as seen in Marineford. Kizaru says, "It's sarcastic that pirates protect citizens and Marines kill them." Akainu ordered to kill Uta no matter how many citizens die.

According to Gorousei (Five Elders), Shanks belongs to "Fearland Family". Maybe it means Shanks was a member of the Celestial Dragons..?

Ben Beckman stops Kizaru in the movie, as happened in Marineford, and he even showed Haki with his hand and grabbed the shots fired by the Navy. He shoots haki bullets too.

Yasopp shows very powerful observational Haki as he can communicate with Uta's world and Katakuri can barely see his own Haki.

Lucky roux attacks like cannonbolt from Ben 10.

Zoro uses conquer coating and sanji uses ifrit jambei in the movies

the most salient one not mentioned above being:

After the 'monster' is defeated, Uta refused a treatment by Shanks to cure herself from the negative effects of both her Fruit and the Mushroom she took to stay awake for her powers, she succumbed to her injuries while in the arms of Shanks. At the end of the film, Shanks brings what is now implied to be Uta's 'corpse/remains/coffin' back to the Red Force while Luffy wakes up on the Sunny.

u/Organic_Selection957 confirmed the above since no one else that watched the film was able to answer it at the time. She also thinks
despite Uta's "death" in the movie, she still expects Uta to appear in the main story eventually in the manga and anime since the film's plot is non-canon, so take that as you will


@Guigeek and for anyone else that was able to watch the film in-person, please let me know if the plot summary I compiled below needs certain things to be added/revised. (it's very long and took me several hours to put together)

The film starts out with the standard One Piece Narrator introduction about the series. Scenes of commoners having Anti-Pirate sentiment are shown, this is where Uta starts preparations for the concert, broadcasted via special (black) Den Den Mushis.

The SHs on Sunny start to arrive at Elegia, everyone (except Zoro) is pumped to listen to Uta’s music. Zoro bickers with Sanji because of Sanji's simping for Uta.

新時代 (New Genesis) plays

After the song ends, Luffy jumps up to the platform and greets Uta, who initially does not recognize him while wearing the Straw Hat but realizes it’s Luffy when he shows his face. And then they immediately hug, while Chopper/Usopp/Sanji are shocked and jealous seeing Luffy with Uta and ask how Luffy knows her. Luffy says out casually that Uta is Shanks’ daughter and the entire crowd freezes in shock. Uta is also surprised Luffy mentioned Shanks’ name and for a brief moment seemed to be unnerved.

Moments after, the Jellyfish Pirates (Eboshi, voiced by Yuki Yamada) ,Oven/Brulee (Mirror World), and some of the backup dancers for the concert try to kidnap/capture Uta for her DF & singing ability. Luffy is about to fight them off, but Uta offers to step in instead by singing another song, where the pursuers such as Oven/Brulee are trapped by her DF and transported out of the venue.

私は最強 (I’m Invincible) plays

The Gorosei watching from one of the many Den Den Mushi start speaking about her and Shanks’ past, particularly how Uta and Shanks (though not blood related) are part of the ‘Figarland’ family’s blood lineage and now contemplate on whether they should kill her via the Marines.

After taking care of the pursuers, Uta asks Luffy to join her band/group as a performer, but he rejects, saying that he is currently a Pirate captain. Uta gets more agitated internally upon hearing the word ‘pirate’ but like the previous instance she holds back her anger once again with a twitched expression.

Sanji starts cooking in the middle of Elegia and asks Luffy/Uta to try out the food (but also to get near Uta). Sanji sees a special mushroom oddly patterned like Uta’s hairstyle on his ‘mise en place’ and throws it in another pot of stock/curry (which they never end up eating) that he was cooking for the crew and Uta.

Uta greets the other members but then whispers to Luffy that she’s only cares about talking to him, asking him where Shnkas. Uta challenges Luffy to an eating contest/game* which Luffy accepts immediately while both are transported to a platform with Uta’s DF where they are served the infamous meat on a bone/stick. The game starts with both tied in progress, but Uta offers Luffy a drink, and jumps out of the way while the Bull strikes Luffy consuming the drink and he falls in the sea.

Uta pulls him out of the water using her DF and boasts about her win, which Luffy isn’t very happy about. This starts a flashback with Uta hanging out with Luffy while in Foosha Village with Shanks, Makino and the Red Haired Pirates. Uta even back then competed against Luffy in the game* and came out with a win, with both later trying to win over Shanks’ affection. Shanks then asks Uta to sing a song, which she agrees to.

*Game – Uta and Luffy liked to compete with each other in competitive eating with a twist in the form of a raging bull/animal. The first person to finish the meal (likely inspired by Luck Roo) would be able to dodge the bull while the loser would have to take a hit by said bull. The recurring theme here is that Uta always gave Luffy a drink while the competition was going on, and she would jump out at the last second while a bull/animal would ram into Luffy, giving Uta the victory. Uta kept winning this way but Luffy never realized why he kept losing, and would always demand a rematch.

風のゆくえ(Where the Wind Goes) plays

In the middle of the song, Uta passes out asleep and the song stops. Luffy and the others don’t think of it much and continue singing and eating. Shanks and Uta leave the village and a few weeks pass and the Red Haired Pirates come back to Foosha this time for some reason depressed. Luffy tries to search for Uta but Shanks tells him that she’s doing ‘fine’ and that he doesn’t need to worry (this was later revealed to be shortly after the incident where Shanks ‘left’ Uta under the care of Gordon due to her DF)

Going back to present time, Uta aks Luffy again to quit being a ‘evil’ pirate and to join her band but Luffy rejects a second time saying that he wants to be the Pirate King and starts heading back to the Sunny saying that meeting her again after so long was really fun. Uta devastated that Luffy still wants to be a Pirate starts to get even more agitated about his intentions and starts to seethe.

Nami tries to calm Uta down while Zoro sensing something wrong tries to confront Uta but she ends up using her DF to pin Nami and Sanji. Zoro considering her a threat starts to draw his sword at Uta, who sends soldiers created by her DF to fight Zoro, Jinbe and Franky.

Uta asks one more time for Luffy to reconsider his choice of being a Pirate, which once again rejects and starts to get pissed off. Uta returns to the platform and starts performing another song.

逆光 (Backlight) plays

More speakers appears while Uta’s soldiers fight Luffy/Robin/Brook/Chopper and Uta continues to glare angrily (with her eyes turning noticeably brighter) at Luffy while singing, and her DF powers intensifies. Luffy tells her to cut the crap as he fights off the soldiers but Uta’s powers start to envelop Luffy and traps the rest of the crew along with Nami/Sanji without much resistance. Luffy is still extremely confused on why Uta is mad and asks her to release him, which she swiftly rejects saying that she can’t forgive him for being a Pirate.

Uta reiterates to the crowd that Pirates are evil (referencing the incident that caused Shanks to leave her entirely and laid waste to Elegia). The residents of Elegia start to walk on the platform and bombard Luffy with water to weaken him, and others start to draw weapons trying to kill Luffy. Helmeppo secretly watching in the crowd tries to help Luffy but Coby calms him down and tells him that about the ‘plan’ and that they should wait it out.

As the angry Elegia crowd are about to attack Luffy, Bartolomeo makes a surprise appearance and uses his Barrier powers to shield himself and Luffy in a Barrier Ball. Law then moments after uses ROOM to teleport Barto/Luffy away from the platform, while Uta seethes even more.

Law explains to Barto/Luffy what’s ‘going on’ regarding Uta & Elegia while also admitting that he only came because Bepo was a mega fan of Uta. He warns them that Uta’s DF power is extremely dangerous and that they should stay as far away as possible from making contact with her. Uta activates a moving music instrument powered by her DF. Coby, Helmeppo and Blueno (CP0) talk about what to do next. Law and Bepo take Luffy/Barto to a secret location to meet Uta’s benefactor Gordon, while Uta’s soldiers are on the search for the group,

世界のつづき (The World’s Continuation) plays

Gordon tells the group what happened after Uta stopped visiting Foosha Village, no longer with the Red Haired Pirates . Uta spent years writing a diary while Gordon helped her write songs and everyday life as her butler. Uta was lonely the entire time, waiting for something ‘exciting’ which happened when she conveniently found several Den Den Mushi drifted ashore. She wanted to use it to present her songs that she wrote and it built her fame as a diva/singer over time. But deep down her sadness still did not go away regarding the incident/Shanks but she still tried to keep a positive persona w/o telling her fans about her ‘truth’ while she continued to perform music. Gordon begs Luffy/Law/Barto/Bepo to do anything possible help calm Uta’s rage. Luffy is still confused on why she is mad to begin with.

Before Gordon could finish explaining why Uta was angry at Luffy for staying a Pirate, Bepo is forcibly turned young by Uta’s powers (Law is completely devastated) and she approaches the group. Uta also uses her powers to take away Luffy’ s Straw Hat after he brings up what Shanks has been up to as a Pirate, telling him to ‘shut up’. She also taunts Luffy by asking if Shanks’ hat and the One Piece are so important that they’d go through being pirates while taking possession of the hat. Luffy still doesn’t understand why Uta is mad. Law immediately teleports himself/Luffy/Barto to another location, before Uta threatens them on the way out,, saying that they can’t escape her ‘game’ no matter how hard they try.

Luffy wants to get the straw hat back, but Law tells him that they’d get captured if they try to get it back now. For the time being, Barto keeps Luffy in his Barrier Ball, so he doesn’t get affected by Uta’s DF powers. Barto accidentally falls off a cliff and Luffy comes very close to vomiting, and Law desperately tries to lift them up while barely dodging the hunt from Uta’s soldiers. Marine ships start to arrive at the coast of Elegia.

Gordon tells her to snap out of it and warns her about the Marines’ pursuit of her. Uta tells him that she plans to play the “forbidden song” (Totto Music) while immobilizing Gordon. She keeps a devious smile the entire time, agitated more and more. Gordon pleads her one last time to not play the forbidden song as she walks away after inserting an unknown item into her headset. Baby Bepo still there has no idea what to do next. Sunny turns into a chibi pet due to Uta’s power, running into a distraught Luffy, Bartolomeo and Law.

The marines start boarding Elegia, infiltrating the entire island as it rains. Momonga, and Admiral Fujitora immediately confronts Uta, threatening to kill her due to her powers. However, she simply laughs off the threat and consumes a mysterious mushroom (the one that Sanji found while cooking, with colors similar to Uta’s hair) and starts to manifest her DF powers. The Marines (with intel) start to put on special protective gear to block their ears/eyes while everyone else on the island (including Luffy) passes out.

Uta’s full intentions are revealed: She is set on creating a ‘new era where everyone is “happy” and no one has to suffer ever again. This is why she arranged the live show/concert/livestream not just through Elegia but to any viewers watching via Den Den Mushi, accounting for the majority of the world. By the end of the show, she plans to trap everyone who listens to ‘TOT MUSICA’ in Uta world where she has total control of their fate once they fall asleep.

With the only way of breaking her power over people is Uta falling asleep herself, the special mushroom Uta consumes prevents her from falling asleep. After that, her final plan is to trap everyone and herself in this “perfect world” forever by killing herself in the real world. In addition to eventually killing her, the special mushroom Uta consumes also has the side effect of taking away her emotions and making her go mad.

The World Government/Gorosei were well aware of her plans, sending CP0 and several admirals (Fujitora, Kizaru) to stop and kill her before she can place viewers in her spell.

Uta then uses her powers to start controlling the people trapped in Uta World like Helmeppo and Law to fight the Marines, even removing several marines’ gear and placing them in the Dream World. Fujitora is unable to reach Uta.

ウタカタララバイ(Fleeting Lullaby) plays

Uta starts to go berserk, even trying to kidnap Tenryubito Charloss arriving with the Marines, angered by the fact that the Marines did not agree with her ‘vision.’


Shanks shows up in an instant and extends his hand to help Uta but instead she starts to laugh maniacal and backs away. She draws a knife and tries to threaten Shanks but he remains still and expressionless, unwilling to lay a hand on her but also remorseful not being able to take care of her after the incident. She is still angry at Shanks for leaving her sends out more of her soldiers to fight in Uta World. Luffy now in Uta World realizes that Shanks has arrived in Elegia,

Uta now tries to sing “新時代” to immobilize everyone but Chopper, Law and Barto team up trap her in Barto’s Barrier Ball while Chibi Bepo, Blueno and Sunny are unable to land a hit. While Barto tells her she is now cornered, she instead responds with an extremely deranged death stare.

In the Real World, because Shanks does not want to harm Uta or the residents of Elegia, the rest of the Red Haried Pirates stand their ground while the Elegia residents start to beat up the crew. Howling Gab nearly fires a laser beam at them but Benn Beckmann tells him to endure for just a little bit longer. Beckman fends off Kizaru with his pistol and even blocks a bullet using Haki. Lucky Roo bounces off bullets of his belly and back.

However, with the green light by Kizaru and Akainu, the Marines start firing at and killing several Elegia residents. Both Uta and Shanks start to get progressively angry. Kizaru tries to launch a massacre laser beam, but Shanks finally responds and deflects all of Kizaru’ s attacks, eventually putting him in a corner with Gryphon. Shanks warns Kizaru to not interfere.

Uta in Uta World begs Bartolomeo to release her, but her powers instead give the Straw Hats new outfits for some reason. After being told by Hongo that some of the Elegia residents were now dead, Uta now reaches her breaking point, singing TOT MUSICA with the forbidden lyric sheets in a fit of rage and summoning the ‘ancient monster.’ Bartolomeo unable to handle the overwhelming music releases the barrier and Uta goes on a rampage.


The Gorosei order Lucci to mute/end the broadcast of Elegia. Shanks remembering how Uta ignited the incident years ago starts to get extremely worried. Uta out of curiosity back then sang TOT MUSICA and awakened the ‘ancient monster’ but Shanks was able to vanquish the monster with a single strike before it could put people to sleep. However, the incident caused Shanks and the Red Haired Pirates to be pinned as criminals/outlaws. Shanks decides to leave Uta in Elegia and tells Gordon to keep Uta safe so that she does not take the blame for the incident. He leaves the island along with the crew and offering a toast, holding back tears while still referring to Uta as his daughter.

While everyone in Uta World tells Uta to stop,. Luffy finally awakens and attacks with G3 and later G4 but it doesn’t deal any damage. Brulee, Jinbe Coby and Helmeppo try to hit Uta but nothing happens as they are blown away. Uta in her special armor uses her powers to stun Luffy in place and attempts to kill Luffy using her blade/sword while Luffy pleads for her to stop. Right before Luffy can get hit, Gordon jumps in to take the hit instead to stop Uta from piercing Luffy. Uta is shocked at why Gordon would protect Luffy, and Gordon ‘spills the beans’ on why Shanks left the island. Uta however already knew what had happened via a Den Den Mushi recording that she found years after the incident, the fact that the residents of Elegia called her a ‘monster’ for the singing she did,

Uta suddenly remembers the details on her left sleeve (resembling a Bottle Gourd) was in fact a drawing that he made specifically for her when she visited Foosha Village, a design that she called ugly but ended up keeping it until now. Luffy in a last ditch attempt tries to reach out for Uta tells her to snap out of it, and she starts to extend her hand towards Luffy. However, the effects of the mysterious mushroom kick him and she loses control of her body as the ‘ancient monster’ manifests further and knocks out Luffy cold once again. Gordon not succumbing to the injuries discusses with the other Straw Hats members on how they can beat the ‘ancient monster.’

Two parties are now established.
Uta World – SH Pirates, Law/Bepo, Brulée/Oven, Coby/Helmeppo, Blueno
Real World - Shanks Crew, Katakuri, Marines

The people tapped in the Uta World inside led by Coby start trying to devise a plan to stop Uta. Coby asks the SH crew to help find a way to break the spell. They learn that the only way to break her powers from Uta World is by having her sing “Tot Musica” which will awaken an ancient monster, connecting both worlds, With this, the monster has to be beaten down on both worlds at the same time to break the spell.

They have to somehow lead an attack together to beat the monster from both sides. Katakuri arriving next to Shanks points out he can see Brulée in Uta World for an instant using his Observation Haki and offers to help Shanks defeat the ‘ancient monster’

Usopp successfully re-awakens his Observation Haki and simultaneously connects with Yasopp. The two share a brief moment of acknowledgement before leading a coordinated plan for everyone in the fight when and where to attack. Both sides successfully land hits on the ‘ancient monster.’

Luffy awakens once again, once again acknowledging that Shanks is there (and vice versa for Shanks sensing Luffy). In sync and in the same frame with Shanks, Luffy launches an awesome final attack (Gear 5) to finish off the ‘ancient monster.’ A series of fond memories by Luffy and Shanks of Uta are shown, notably that Shanks was found by Roger/Rayleigh in a treasure chest as a baby and Uta was similarly found in a treasure chest when Shanks became a Pirate Captain decades later. The ‘ancient monster’ is finally destroyed. Luffy and Uta have one final ‘talk’ before Luffy is given back his Straw Hat, telling him to complete his adventures as a pirate.

Uta out of Uta World is now in the arms of Shanks, with Luffy and his Straw Hat right next to her knocked out cold. Hongo throws Shanks an antidote for the mushroom’s poisonous effects but realizing that Luffy and the others would die in Uta World if she took the antidote – Uta refuses to take the cure and destroys the bottle, saying that she lived a good life and wants it to end. Shanks understands the choice Uta made to save Luffy but at the same time is also sad that she will not live much longer.

Despite Uta is spitting out blood., Shanks offers to guard her while she releases the spell with a final song. Everyone trapped in Uta World are now freed from the spell, with Bepo and Blueno turning back to their normal ages, while Sunny turns back into the Thousand Sunny.

世界のつづき (The World’s Continuation) plays once again

The Marines led by Kizaru and Fujitora try to close in on killing Uta since her powers are too dangerous to keep active but Shanks in a fit of rage (more than he did against Aramaki in Wano) launches an overwhelming amount of Conqueror’s Haki (forcing KizaruMononga to kneel) while announcing Uta as his daughter and family of the Red Haired Pirates to the world, putting Uta in tears. The Marines ultimately decide to retreat in order to start a war and leave Elegia shortly after. Kalifa is briefly shown at the top of Elegia watching the Marines leave before.

Uta on her dying breath decides to sing one final song for the Red Haired Pirates, Shanks in particular holding back tears listening to her voice.

風のゆくえ (Where The Wind Blows – Acoustic Version) plays for the final time

Shortly after, Luffy with his Straw Hat back wakes up this time back on the Thousand Sunny, sailing right behind the Red Force. The Red Haired Pirates surround what is implied to be Uta’s coffin, while Shanks and Luffy look up to the sky. The Film Title appears.


edit: I did end missing stuff between when Charloss appeared and then Shanks showing up in front of Uta, particularly that Robin was trying to research on the origins of Tot Musica/Elegia/Uta while also later fending off soldiers/mobs along with Nami and Sanji
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Hi guys, I'm a French person who has seen one of the movie premiere on August 7th (the movie is settled to launch August 10th), maybe I can help by giving you some precisions.
-Yes, Uta dies at the end. Just before the ending song, we can see Shanks and his crew leaving "Elegia" (the island where the movie takes place) and they are gathered around Uta's coffin.
-The volume 4 Billion gave in Japan indicates that Uta was discovered in a chest by Shanks, as him by Roger. The Five Elders are just talking about the possibility that Uta can be a Fearland family's member during the movie.
-The post generic scene is Luffy trying to talk to Thousand Sunny, due to the fact that it was a whole character in Uta's world.
It was a pretty good movie, I reccomend you to discover it when it will comes out in your theaters, at least for Shanks and Gear 5 Luffy combined attack.
If you have others questions, maybe I can answer to it :)
Tell me about every Sanji scene
Well, the mugiwara crew wasn't too present during this movie (except Luffy ofc), but Sanji used Diable Jambre : Frites Assorties while he was protecting Robin in the old library (she was trying to learn more about Tot Musica). He served as Zoro's springboard and used Ifrit Jambe during the combined attack scenes (he was doing it with Katakuri, btw). In addition to it, he was jealous when he learned about Luffy and Uta's relationship
New info .
1. Helmeppo has also joined SWORD alongside Coby.

2. Blueno is confirmed to have joined CPO.

3. CP-AIGIS 0 and SWORD are written to be "rivals".

4. Monster is an executive of the Red Haired Pirates and just as strong in battle as the other executives.

5. SSG stands for "Special Science Group"