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So here you can post all your theories/speculations that you think don't need a thread of their own thread guys!!

I will start

Kuma isn't saved by the Revos, but he will be sent to to Vegapunk for repairs or whatever reason and become the ultimate weapon the WG has!!

Bonney is coming to Wano at some point soon and will age Momo to his actual age that is 28 !

BB is coming to Wano at the end of the arc to steal some DFs whether for himself or his crew or both...
★ Reverie will be back at 955 ( could very well be wrong several days from now :pepehands: )

★ Bonney & Sabo are captured the rest Dragon Karasu Morley Lindberg Kuma got away

★ Ryokugyu was the one beaten Sabo

★ Dragon destructed a part of Mariejois but then got overwhelmed by Imu

★ Mihawk may be will be killed by Blackbeard Pirates trying to save Perona
Ryokugyu will play a major role in Elbaf, perhaps as the main villain of the arc on a mission to capture the Strawhats due to the emergence of their power post-Wano

Somebody from the Revolutionaries was captured on Mariejois

Crocodile and Daz etc. will be present in Elbaf

Next time we see Burgess he will have eaten the Kira Kira no Mi

Moriah will have joined the Blackbeard Pirates - he's building a Zombie army that will be strengthened with stolen SMILEs if the Blackbeard Pirates can figure out how to produce them
I just think it is really interesting that Blackbeard really knows where all the moving major parts are rn. Like he actually knows about all the supernova gathered in Wano, Big Mom heading to Wano, and he tries to predict the outcome events of this major convergence...sometimes I feel like everybody is just chess pieces for Blackbeard, he sees where they are on the board, and he moves accordingly. He will not let this Wano predicament go without capitalizing somehow.