I recently noticed how I found there to be several parallels between the two eras that go in order by arc. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything significant, but I found it a bit of fun that was amusing enough the share:
The Straw Hats get involved in hostilities between fishmen and humans, including a focus on Nami and her past - Arlong Park/Fishman Island
Chopper helps his new friends with their medical troubles at a snowy location - Drum Island/Punk Hazard
Luffy challenges a tyrant warlord who’s hurting his princess friend - Alabasta/Dressrosa
Luffy kicks Bellamy’s ass - Jaya/Dressrosa
The Straw Hats elevate themselves to a higher plane of existence and stumble upon an ancient civilization - Skypiea/Zou
Luffy gets challenged and attacked by a conflicted crewmate - Water 7/Whole Cake Island
The Straw Hats take back their friend who was taken away from them - Enies Lobby/Whole Cake Island
The Straw Hats befriend one of Big Mom’s children - Thriller Bark/Whole Cake Island
Charlos gets his ass kicked - Sabaody Archipelago/Levely
One of Luffy’s brothers becomes the focus of troubling news - Sabaody Archipelago/Wano
Maybe Enies Lobby and Wano are a better pair ?

Elbaf and Thriller Bark ?

Sabo rescue and Impel Down/ Marineford ?
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The final battle might make a pair with east blue
I don’t see big mom fall in this arc. With big mom there plot threats that need be resolve. Like what vinesmoke, Germa tech, what happen fishman pirates , and what happened pekcoms. Plus her entire family isn’t even here on the island. I think she is only here to restore her reputation as a Yonko since luffy tarnished it in her own Territory. I believe the other supernova might be involved in next arc. Maybe the ones that here right now might follow luffy to elbaf. We haven’t seen luffy interaction with other supernova especially urouge, and Bonney. Luffy in this arc hasn’t been focusing on big mom at all. His main objective is to defeat Kaido. He is already prep himself in udon prison for second round against kaido. Will see how that goes. Marco meanwhile from what I am seeing he is holding off big mom for the straw hats and there alliance to handle themselves.
So nami vs ulti, ussop vs page one, queen knows judge builds up to vs sanji, now Robin,franky,brook,jimbe, chopper remains from sh and from beast pirates black maria, sasaki ,who who. It's obvious it will be zoro vs king. Now villains who remain are big mom, peropero, injured Jack, Hawkins ,apoo and his 6 giants. On hero side we have drake, yamato,kid,law and Marco. In this I think kid,law and yamato will fight kaido. Apoo n Hawkins may or may not switch sides. Marco will try to keep big mom n peropero at bay and Jimbie may help, Jack may also come back later in war. So I see Robin,chopper,brook n franky fighting sasaki,who who, black maria and apoo or we might see chopper fighting giants in his giant form which will be epic with brook n franky also fighting giants cause I dont think they can take on sasaki n who but there always can be surprises by oda as strawhats should get a power up in this arc as they will be fighting blackbeard crew next.
veo a big mom car en este arco, por el simple hecho que cuando luffy derrote a kaido solo o con ayuda(luffy obtendra el merito y realmente sera el actor principal en la derrota de kaido haciendo mas merito por ello, en caso que lo derrote con ayuda claro esta)
y big mom si no cae en este arco no veo el sentido de que haya un arco dedicado explicitamente a ella dado que luffy ya estaria (si vence a kaido el solo, nivel yonkou por derecho propio o bien, si derrota a kaido con ayuda, estara muy cerca de serlo propiamente dicho) y sus luchadores mas fuertes, estaran en las mismas condiciones haciendo un choque entre muguis y big mom muy desconcertantemente liviano.
este arco marcara el inicio de una era en el sentido de que tanto kaido y big mom caeran, y eso supondra el alce de capitanes como luffy en mayor medida, law y kidd tambien.
Act three ends with:

Luffy loses to Kaido AND Big Mom
Nami + Usopp loses to Ulti
Chopper loses to Page One AND Perospero
Robin loses to Black Maria AND Compote
Franky loses to Sasaki AND Daifuku
Brook loses to Who's-Who AND Oven
Jimbei loses to Jack AND Smoothie

In act four's match-ups, other the Straw Hats take on the Beast Pirates while other characters fight the Big Mom Pirates.
So theres a lot of cover page of eneru, like when he went to the moon he saw robots, a poneglyph and now the latest chapter of onepiece shows that theres someone like mink creature on the moon.

Is this mean that eneru would have a huge epic come back to the world of onepiece? Did he just really want to go the moon? Or did he encountered a poneglyphs before? Thats why he was obsessed to going to the moon? Was it his dream or he thinks it was his destiny? Why the minks gets stronger during the full moon?

1.what if the robots during the cover page of eneru was activating the full moons power every full moon? It was like their destiny, because minks would be needed for the coming war?

2.And who was the looking like a cat thingy thats with eneru on the lates chapter cover page? Is he a mink? What if his the ancestors of the minks on the onepiece world? Why did they come down to earth? Or! what if they went up to the moon? Because they were being hunted down by the gorosei? Did they powering up the moon so that the mink who left down on the earth get the powerup they needed so when the time comes they will put up a good fight when the time comes?
Im just trying to connect the dots here. So acording to kinemon all the port on wano was named from animals. One of them kuri, udon, etc etc.

and on the latest chapter according to big mom that theres a poneglyph on wano. It was hidden right? But what if this poneglyph is rightfully owns by luffy!? And this port was named as monkey? This is not coincidence or whatever, this port really belongs to luffy and was named as monkey for a reason and everything that we need might be there! The story of joyboy, the unbroken promise! A little bit about the last weapon, perhaps zunisha is connected to this, or even the initial D, if this happen then This shows that theres really God in onepiece and made luffy his vessel to save the world.