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Something I'm curious on but doesn't really need its own topic.

Germa conquered the NB 300 years ago, the tragedy of Flevance started 100 years ago or so the guy says they knew the secret a century ago.

Had Germa stayed in power over the NB, do you think Law's tragedy would have still happened? Like I know current Germa doesn't care about their subordinates if at all, but the way Judge talks about the glory days and throwing everything away to get back to those days, I wonder if former Germa had any love for its subordinates. Given that it was the government and royals that kept the white lead a secret, would Germa have done any better?
German from 300 years ago would be very different, probably more like Sanjs character (kind while edgy + some stupid emotion), to current Germa66.

Imo Germa was traumatized by loosing all their territory and became a militarized nation of science in Judges image after being absolutely destroyed by the WG.

Judge still knows much about Germa history we do not (66 days of hope?)