ONE PIECE MAGAZINE VOL.10 (16 of September)

My wife helped me translate the updated sketch and all the info about Jinbe, and for good measure we went back to Databook Green to translate those relevant pages. I might add the text to the Jinbe pictures sometime, but here you go:

From “Saigou” to “Jinbe": The History of the First Son of the Sea’s Conception

Saigou: that was the name of Jinbe as originally conceived. As you can imagine from the name, the image was a big body touching the sky with a monk’s shaved head. Based on this, after so many character concept drawings, and with the idea of a whale shark fish-man in mind, the final design solidified.

(NOTE: They are referring to Saigō Takamori:ō_Takamori)

“So, you’re the guy who took down Arlong?”
“You’re pretty puny.”

Southern Country
Looking for justice
Mighty power
Close with Zoro
To the promised land

After the initial concept, the First Son of the Sea finally joined the crew!!
Look forward to more action from him going forward!!

“It’s you, Luffy.”
“Thank you. I heard you stopped Arlong.”

The Secret Story Behind the Creation of the Straw Hats
Concept notes by Oda open with 20 concepts about the Straw Hat crew and story creation secrets.

Drawn two years before serialization began.
Instead of Robin, there was a guy who likes plants.

This is a later concept from right before serialization began.
It’s very close to the crew as it is now.

First Son of the Sea Jinbe Changed Six Times!!
In the early story, the name of First Son of the Sea Jinbe was brought up. But until he showed up in Impel Down, the design changed a lot. In the first draft, he looked like an obvious bad guy sea monk (NOTE: Umibozu, like they called Wadatsumi). After that, he got the top knot and slowly changed to how he looks now. Likewise, his personality also changed. In the early stages, he was a dynamic boss character.

(NOTE: I double-checked about the villain part, and it explicitly said he LOOKED like a villain, not that he WAS one.)
Got a feeling Oda is hiding one more from this sketch, to make the 11 that is seemingly being hinted at
Indeed. There was a previous image that didn’t show the fishman recruit. Makes me wonder how blanked out and zoomed in the picture is.

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And Sanji was already a smoker
Chopper was originally envisioned being a smoker as well. Would have been amusing seeing Sanji and Chopper taking smoke breaks together after their fights.

(NOTE: I double-checked about the villain part, and it explicitly said he LOOKED like a villain, not that he WAS one.)
Makes me wonder all the sorts of ideas Oda went through in creating a fishman recruit create before finally settling on Jinbe as he is now. According to the Vivre card databook, Oda actually contemplated on the idea of making Jinbe an outright villain, and even be the mastermind behind what Arlong was doing, but I suppose he figured it would provide more character conflict to have him be a good guy.

quite disappointing

I know some of you are looking forward to the rivalry ranking, but don't get too excited because the following are the things it's based on:
1, number of panels they're in up till volume 96
2, number of times their fanart are in UGK
3, their average ranking in popularity poll
4,number of skills
5,asking friends who don't read One Piece

Rivalry Ranking:
No.1 Law
-Number of panels: No.1 (around 1450)
-UGK: No.1 (97 times)
-Popularity Poll: No.1 (average ranking 5.3)
-skills: No.2 (10 kinds)
-Ranking based on friends who haven’t read OP: No.1
•impression: A slender and handsome man is definitely strong, on top of that he’s wearing black clothes.

No.2 Crocodile
-Number of panels: No.2 (around 782)
-UGK: No.2 (52 times)
-Popularity Poll: No.2 (average ranking 20.2)
-Skills: No.3 (8 kinds)
-Ranking based on Friends who haven’t read OP: No.4
•impressions: Is having a hook for a hand proof that he’s strong? A narcissist that’s confident in his own look and the don of a evil organization.

No.3 Smoker
-Number of panels: No.3 (around 525)
-UGK: No.4 (37 times)
-Popularity Poll: No.3 (average ranking 20.6)
-Skills: No.4 (5 kinds)
-Ranking based on Friends who haven’t read OP: No.2
•impression: A handsome middle age man with cigars in his mouth, simple but strong. I want him to be strong.

No.4 Katakuri
-Number of panels: No.4 (around 439)
-UGK: No.6 (25 times)
-Popularity Poll: No.6 (average ranking 46)
-Skills: No.1 (11 kinds)
-Ranking based on Friends who haven’t read OP: No.3
•impression: Doesn’t seem talkative, well built, and hiding part of his face, this guy is strong.

No.5 Teach
-Number of panels: No.7 (around 125)
-UGK: No.3 (40 times)
-Popularity Poll: No.7 (average ranking 65.3)
-Skills: No.5 (3 kinds)
-Ranking based on Friends who haven’t read OP: No.6
•impression: He looks like he’s buddies with Kid. I think he lost his teeth back then when he tries to protect Kid. Loves to eat.

No.6 Kid
-Number of panels: No.7 (around 125)
-UGK: No.5 (35 times)
-Popularity Poll: No.4 (average ranking 23.3)
-Skills: No.6 (2 kinds)
-Ranking based on Friends who haven’t read OP: No.6
•impression: Noisy and loves picking up fights, “there’s always that one person...” and he’s that person

No.7 Koby
-Number of panels: No.5 (around 289)
-UGK: No.7 (20 times)
-Popularity Poll: No.5 (average ranking 44.2)
-Skills:No.7 (one kind)
-Ranking based on Friends who haven’t read OP: No.5
•impression: Feels like he’ll always be looking for his glasses he put on his head. Serious
Skills: No.1 (11 kinds)
WTF?! lord kuri with 11 skills?! :goatasure:
is there any connection between Whitebeard and Doflamingo ?
Yo let's goooo :steef::finally:

Credits to Vast @ Arlong Park forums

Yeah, it's their position in the crew. From right to left:

-Doctor (医者)
-Cook (コック)
-Poet (詩人) and Musician (音楽家)
-Navigator (航海士)
-Vice-captain (副船長) and Sniper (ソゲキ手)
-Captain (船長)
-Probably Helmsman?, I'm not sure, it doesn't say 操舵手, which is what Jimbei was called in chapter 976. But it could be another word for helmsman, maybe かじとり?
-Fighter (戦闘員)
-Something about plants? (植物----) (headband guy)
-Shipwright (船大工) (small guy)
Also, for some reason it says "Bolero" (ボレロ) in the bottom left corner.

Credits to Solid @ Arlong Park forums

"Bolero refers to two distinct genres of slow-tempo Latin music and their associated dances."

and we know Oda is a fan of Buena Vista Social Club.
Vice-Captain God Usopp