One Piece Magazine Vol.12 will release on Sept 2nd !
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Part from the cover of Special booklet, the cover drawn by Oda sensei

Luffy on the Cover !

Just in case someone who doesn't know, Vol.12 will contain special booklet and the booklet include Luff "What if" that appear in Volume 1-3.

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The third chapter of Ace spin-off will contain 67 pages.
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One Piece Magazine Vol.12 Cover, ASL Booklet cover by Eiichiro Oda !

Ace manga

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Brook poster

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More over,

There will be new Devil fruit visuals and "Creator Note" corner.
I can't see any of these images😭😭😭
The DF visuals will be for "Suna Suna no Mi (Crocodile)" and "Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Bison(Dalton)".
Nice :cheers:
I had some thoughts about future Magazine releaes and which fruits can be shown
Mane Mane no Mi & Ori Ori no Mi
Supa Supa no Mi & Toge Toge no Mi
Inu Inu no Mi; Model: Dachshund & Mogu Mogu no Mi
Tori Tori no Mi; Model: Falcon & Inu Inu no Mi; Model: Jackal
Bane Bane no Mi & Uma Uma no Mi
Goro Goro no Mi & Noro Noro no Mi