it said "this fruit", not special paramecias

This is definitely top 2 worst magazine lol so boring
Also, since when is Kaido the "Strongest Creature in History"?
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Jiki Jiki no mi (Jiki=magnetism) Paramecia (Superhuman family)

Current user: Eustass Kid

Ability to control the surrounding metal with the magnetic force residing in the body

The ability to generate magnetism in the whole body or a part of the body, and to attract metal. This ability can be used to collect iron scraps from the surrounding area for use in attacks, or to repel iron cannonballs by utilizing the repulsion of magnetic force. If the accuracy of the ability is enhanced, it seems to be possible to control the collected metal at will and manipulate it like a large limb, or to fight clad in a huge mass of metal more than 10 meters in size that can be ridden by the user. The range of the ability is extremely vast, bringing extremely strong magnetic forces under one's control. When the ability is (awakened), it also allows the user to assign magnetism to creatures and objects other than themselves. The report starting on the next page will explain Kid's tactics in more detail!

Mochi Mochi no mi (mochi=sticky rice cake) Paramecia (Superhuman family)

Current user: Charlotte Katakuri

Ability to change the body to have elasticity, viscosity, and flexibility like that of Mochi

The ability to expand and contract the body, making it viscous and flexible. At first glance, this ability is similar in nature to that of the (Rubber-Rubber fruit), but this ability is referred to as a (Special Paramecia). The power of normal Paramecia is based on the ability to retain the original form of the body of the person with the ability, but a person with the ability of this fruit can glue back together and restore parts of the body that have been severed, and can also regenerate severed parts, giving them a constitution similar to that of a Logia. Katakuri, who is the current power-holder, has (awakened) his ability and is able to transform the ground and walls around him into a fluid mochi state and takes control of them. Furthermore, through training and in conjunction with his Haki, he has also mastered the technique of creating multiple mochi fists in the space around him and using them for attacks.