Spoiler One Piece Manga Spoilers - Chapter 957

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Sengoku: There’re other pirates, who later became famous, that originated from “Rocks” Pirates... “Golden Lion”, “Silver Axe”, “Captain John”, “xx”(I can’t see the last one clearly
Silver Axe sounds interesting, Maybe the world strongest Axeman :whistle:, but really ist nice and refreshing to see / hear some other high Tiers who doesen't use swords but other Kinds of weapons :catsweat:
I hope "XX" is Shakky :amazing:
Are we sure Posthawk didn't make an excuse for not wanting to face Fuji?

List of Mihawk excuses!
Doesn't fight one armed guys
Doesn't fight blind guys
Doesn't fight OGs (Vista)
Says he is not holding back but fails to kill pre-skip Luffy
Casually gets blocked by Jozu
Some you guys mentality never cease to amaze me. That was a casual attack from Mihawk and he wasn't trying to cut Jozu but somehow he looks bad because Jozu had to use his diamond DF power to stop the attack.
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