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From the trailer they seems to have learn from the mistake they’be done with « One Piece : World Seeker » where the only playable character (bar DLC) was Luffy.

I hope that the scenario and the antagonist will be better than « World Seeker » which were underwhelming to say the least.
True, tho we know that there will be party combos but I hope it will be possible to switch the hero. I think we will move as a party, merging into the head character to not glitch or cover everything around. Or better, we will have a head camp where on each escapade we will switch the character/s a bit like in ultimate red we had before each mission, not quite that but something similar
No Jinbei no party.

World Seeker bored me so much I gave up after like four hours and never went back. If it’s a good turn based rpg that’ll have my attention at least, been a while since I’ve played one.
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Same. I love O.P (duh) , open world sandbox games, grinding & collectathons but my God was World Seeker just a boring & soulless world that left me seeking a world that was fun to explore.

Ive heard the dlc is fun. The zoro bit cracks me up. For those who don't know, the dlc character Zoro has his map completely greyed out & no compass. You can pay a lot of ingame currency to undo it, but had the rest of the game shown even 1/2 that amount of fun, attention to detail or unique aspect I probably wouldn't have quit so soon.

I have the GoTY version, i may give Law&Zoro a go, I didnt want to be spoiled but lemme guess. Luffy beats noncannon boss w nothing of consequence happening or having been learned/acquired. Ok! Ready for the post story dlc!
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would it kill one piece to make another fighting game. jeez
Let those people who make BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, DragonBallFighterz, GranBlue Fantasy Versus etc make a OP fighting game in my lifetime, please.
I guess this game was stated to be the longest One Piece game in development. Oda sent a message that he made the story for this game more than 3 years ago, and Jinbe hasn’t been an official Straw Hat yet. I guess this game would’ve been released earlier, but the pandemic delays it.

Maybe they’ll release Jinbe when the game is officially out. We should wait for another trailer