News One Piece Odyssey


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New for Odyssey (unconfirmed) :

- You can choose any member of the crew to play with, but it seems that you can only allocate 4 characters to fight.

- The playing field in adventure mode is very large, but when you face an enemy and enter the battle mode, the arena will look smaller.

They're really making this an traditional RPG, I like it.
Wonder what party roles they’ll all have, generic DQ/FF style.

Chopper’s easy, he’ll be the healer/White Mage.
Nami Black Mage with ability to steal
Usopp I’m thinking a focus on debuffs (tells lies to make enemies defence go down, pop greens for status effects).
Luffy will be generic RPG main guy who’s good at everything
Sanji a speedy character, like a Thief/Ninja.
Brook, buffs the party with songs, Bard/Dancer style
Franky will be a tank.
Zoro, probably a slower version of Luffy. Maybe hit harder to compensate. Or maybe not as good defence (Luffy having rubber bonus) in exchange for attack power. It’ll be some kind of tradeoff.
Robin, dunno really. Maybe a kind of Monk? Another Mage type? Hard to fit in.