Future Events One piece pretiction : Kaido is going to tell Lufy he got defeated by Shanks..


now every1 in one piece fans notice how very strong kaido is..

it's taking lufy a jonboy evil fruit level to matsh up with kaidoo true powers...

oda is do that for very good reazon..he wants to show u how kaido is so strong..then oda wil drop atomic plotwist bomb by making kaido decalre to lufy that shanks was able to defeat him whilest lufy was fighting marinford...

then every readers of one piece focus wil switch to this problematic isue and kestion this in their minds : if kaido is very strong and shank defeated kaido...THEN JUST HOW STRONG SHANKS IS?????...

it wil take lufy 2 joboys to matsh up with shanks true powers..

luckily shanks is nice friend of lufy :)..

SHANKS >>> Silver rayleight!!!!!...
You are basically saying Shanks no diffed Kaido if you say the two actually fought during Marineford. And there is just no way that is happening. Even if Shanks is stronger than Kaido, him defeating another Yonko so easily that he looks not even slightly scuffed or exhausted when him and his crew arrived at Marineford would not work.
1. Why would Kaido said something like that to Luffy in the first place? And what will he gain from saying that? At best, Luffy will mocked him for losing to Shanks if that was the case.

2. Kaido is confirmed to be the strongest living pirate. No one in the world can defeats him according to one of the newest chapters.
Truly the strongest.:kaimoji:@MonsterKaido @Sasaki Kojirō