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LMAOOOOOO just saw this, you’re a sucker for tyrannosaurid family just as much as I am huh?

I know it’s cliché and even overrated, but they’re my absolute favorite, I’ve got no resistance towards the king of dinosaurs and his fellow relatives
What’s your favorite marine reptile?
Absolutely. It’s cliche as hell but the more I learned about them, namely T. rex, the more I liked them. They’re ere so unique and just the best. T. rex, Tarbosaurus and Albertasaurus are some of my favorite therapods. Though I do like Carnotaurus and Achrocanthasaurus a lot too.

I don’t really like pliosaurs too much and ichthyosaurs are okay, not the coolest thing to me. Mososaurs would be it! Specifically prognathodon since I actually own a tooth of it!