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@Boiroy trolling aside,
I don’t think both will kill each other. The Twitter is goi g to be fake.

‘I think milhawk probably destroy ssg fleet and leave to better place like elbaf island.

Dont worry I view milhawk > kaido due shouen law.
‘he is going to pull island level feats causally like nothing.

But I can change my mind milhawk on final saga.
Buggy is a yonko
Zoro bounty:1.49
Sanji bounty: 1.39
Ryokugyu is hype
Alot more bounties

in all seriousness and i am really deeply serious right now, you have to be beyond retarded to end up with nami when you have hancock dying for you. robin and maybe yamato are the only two hotter girls than hankcok in one piece. even namis sister and mother are hotter than her