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Well yeah, I've compared Oda to Sanji before and joked he's Oda's self insert too. It would make a lot of sense given how openly/proudly perverted Oda is. It's funny how Sanji rescued Nami from a forced wedding and then he was forced into one too, with Nami being relevant in that arc trying to save him too. But he ended up carriyng Nami again funnily enough too! And then there's Lola connecting both of those arcs directly...WTF ODA!? Way too big brain!


And the most obvious detail, sanji only called Nami with the honorific "San", and Nami only calls sanji with an honorific

To be honest even though I don't care about ships and all that shit, sanji ending up with Nami seem like the most likely couple, heck even toei ships them, these fuckers even spoil Manga readers so I wouldn't be surprised if sana happend by the end of the story
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Zoro fanboys vs Chad Kid:

Credit to @Pattoucco for this piece of art :cheers:
With Law's help because he is not strong enough to beat King alone. We all saw his performance on the rooftop.

Big Mom and Marco had an even clash Big Mom and she acknowledged she didn't have enough power to waste him. That same Marco couldn't push King into hybrid mode. I can't wait to see King's full strength.