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This thread is for those who wish to discuss/anticipate/complain/whine/meme all about the upcoming chapter spoilers before the spoilers drop. Once the spoilers drop, you may join the serious and constructive discussion on the dedicated spoiler thread.

Since this is in Ground Floor, and posts here does not add to your totals - We aren't going to be monitoring this thread for off-topic posts or one liners, but please remember that all the rules still apply. Trolling, baiting and aggressive posts/insults won't be tolerated.
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I hope we get more Enma stuff, I don´t know why Kaido and co don´t take the sword to their hand, probably Oden save the sword after he the that he couldn´t take down Kaido. But im sure Zoro don´t would give easily his Shusui to them, after all Ryuma himself give him this sword, is is special for him.