No just nice fanart of Coby i thought you would like :cheers:
Yes. Yes I do
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Sigh it's amazing how even when sanji fans think they get a w oda be handing out Ls for his character.

Gets a powerup and queen still tells the dude "you need to use your raidsuit".
Sanji then runs because of trauma. Lord why!!!!.

This is what happens when your powerup isn't earned through training and is instead earned via DNA manipulation
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Sanjis being the wings of the pirate king?

More like the chicken....... wing of the the pirate king. Dude is running cuz he in his feelings even though there is a huge importance of both him and zoro finishing of these commanders. It just shows were is loyalty lies
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You are right. It is more than action and power ups, the story is great and everything is connected. More importantly, the Mangaka is taking his sweet time to deliver the story in best possible way. I am amazed. Bungou Stray Dogs and D Gray Man are two mangas that dont get much appreciation. Thanks to OP for being shitty for a while, it forced me to reread these mangas and appreciate them more. :cheers:
Well, D.Gray Man was one of the top selling manga, but then hiautus started with mangaka health problems, so right now we have just our fanbase in same state where was Hunter x Hunter fanbase, before second anime was realesed. Now truth is that D.Gray Man is masterpiece so I believe that second adaptation of anime will come out soon or later. Case anime was popular, even when it wasn't even close to be called well done, with all those filler arcs and episodes that it have. At least gray atmosphere was done there pretty nice, but that it.
While I started D.Gray Man at 2014 when OP wasn't that bad...and I'm supporting D.Gray Man till nowadays, and I believe that D.Gray Man was superior to One Piece already at that moment. Right now, D.Gray Man supreme is not even question. But I'm glad that fall of One Piece made some people start reading or watching some old school series.