What would make you happiest?

  • Sanji holding his own against Kizaru

    Votes: 88 36.8%
  • Zoro slicing Lucci to death while Jinbore stares in awe

    Votes: 51 21.3%
  • Vegaskunk dying

    Votes: 25 10.5%
  • More BB crew moments

    Votes: 24 10.0%
  • TAC giving you his admin status

    Votes: 18 7.5%
  • Nika actually not laughing

    Votes: 24 10.0%
  • Seeing Caribou fangirl over BB

    Votes: 3 1.3%
  • Kaido returns for Wano Act 4

    Votes: 6 2.5%

  • Total voters
So you admit he looks like shit so far
So you admit he looks like shit so far

Luffy "looking shit" so far is 1 shotting a admiral twice this arc

So this is Luffy "looking bad" or the equivalent of this in Wano:

Admiral fans are trying to run with this as a W.

But we all know what proceeded this in Wano:

And Oda just fed Luffy to full power:

And his gathered around a bunch of people to glaze Luffy:

So I'm just thinking if admiral fans are gonna be ready for Eggheads equivalent of Joyboy has returned/skysplit if the bad part was 1 tapping a admiral twice. :gokulaugh::gokulaugh: