What would make you happiest?

  • Sanji holding his own against Kizaru

    Votes: 82 36.9%
  • Zoro slicing Lucci to death while Jinbore stares in awe

    Votes: 47 21.2%
  • Vegaskunk dying

    Votes: 23 10.4%
  • More BB crew moments

    Votes: 23 10.4%
  • TAC giving you his admin status

    Votes: 17 7.7%
  • Nika actually not laughing

    Votes: 23 10.4%
  • Seeing Caribou fangirl over BB

    Votes: 2 0.9%
  • Kaido returns for Wano Act 4

    Votes: 5 2.3%

  • Total voters
dude...spoils are not even out and people are exagerrating stuff....Kid is not done for....you always know how initial spoils sound like and yet taking baits all over....just wait until you see some spoilers...

Elder Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
It's time to accept that titles are what they are: titles.

Was Whitebeard, the World's Strongest Man, actually stronger than Roger, the Pirate King? No.

Was Whitebeard, the World's Strongest Man, actually stronger than Kaido, the World's Strongest Creature? No.

Is Mihawk actually the most powerful character in the series who uses a sword? I kind of doubt it at this point.

Titles in One Piece are for flare. "In a 1v1, always bet on Kaido." And, who won?

If Shanks has Roger level Haki we clearly know why Kaido didn't make it to Marineford now.
Oda truly is vindicating logical thinking and proving that he’s nowhere near as stupid as his fans think he is.

Fans: “Kaido is the strongest because Fodder think he is!”

Oda: *draws Kaido as a completely incompetent scrub with objectively humiliating feats for a top tier*

Fans: “….well that doesn’t count because Oda (by Oda they mean fodder) said Kaido is the strongest! If X Character is stronger than Kaido, why don’t fodder think X Character is the strongest!”

Me: “If the Earth isn’t flat, why do so many people think it is flat?”

Fans: “fucking Admiral fans smh why can’t you people just accept that Oda wants you to uncritically swallow every word he writes even when it makes no sense! Oda doesn’t want you to use your own brain to interpret his manga, he wants you to read his manga with your brain turned off as if you were the exact propagandize Un-autonomous drones who Oda criticizes in his own writing!”

Oda: *Has Shanks completely decimate [more than] 50% of the force that killed Big Mom with no effort*


- Shanks pours a bucket of seawater in Kid face
- Kid looses his powers
- Shanks laughs and kicks Kid into the sea
- Shanks laugh some more saying those stupid devil fruit users never learn
I don't believe Kidd got one shot. That just sounds like standard spoiler discussion hyperbole.

I can believe Kidd got defeated, and quickly. Cause honestly, Kidd's kinda not relevant. Even at his most relevant he's bronze medal to Luffy's Gold and Law's Silver. He doesn't have the narrative real estate, nor focus for me to really care that he got taken down by Shanks other than the fact that it tells us Shanks is one of the final players to One Piece.

Kidd's arc died when he stopped being an active rival to luffy

And his arc double died when he gave up on his revenge against Kaido and Apoo.