Should we open the spoiler thread Friday w/ fake spoilers

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Kurozumi Indigo

83 Days for Ragnarok
Chapter 1029: Killer beats Hawkins
Chapter 1030: Raizo beats Fukurokuju
Chapters 1031-33: Sanji and Zoro beat King and Queen
Chapter 1034: Denjiro and Hiyori beat Orochi
Chapter 1035-1050: SHs fight CP0, and Kaido and BM get defeated
Chapter 1051: Apoo and the Numbers are defeated
you think Raizo gets a chapter to beat Fukurokuju, but Sanji and Zoro don't get their own chapters to beat Queen and King? lmao

Light D Lamperouge

I've watched the anime some time ago and yeah Gojo is pretty great. I also really liked Nanami and Aoi Todo.
All of those 3 are amazing.

I'm gonna do a re-watch and then read up until i caught up.
Aight. Iirc season 1 ends on chapter 63.

I'm hoping i enjoy it better than Kimetsu, the manga i mean.
Yeah I think you will. Though, again, it might be my personal preference. Check out Chainsaw Man, Dandadan, and Jigokuraku after that.