Should we open the spoiler thread Friday w/ fake spoilers

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No, I know exactly what im talking about. Twitter is a company, they can do whatever the fuck they want. The problem is, they are a social media platform, which is an advent for free speech. A company has the right to ban its users for breaking rules it sets. They didn't ban Trump for no exciting free speech, he broke guidelines set by the company.

There is also a very thin, dangerous line between limiting free speech and allowing someone to spout dangerous rhetoric to millions of people who "want" to beleive what they read.

I'm not arguing what is right or wrong, it just isn't that black and white like you beleive.
They can always label a Tweet as misinformation or unverified. I will never support banning a person until ofc they’re people posting some real fucked up shit. I also believe banning a person off the platform will only act as a catalyst to trigger the person’s followers. At least most of them. They will view the platform as a dictator and take it personally.

I am really looking forward to Elon as to how he’s gonna solve this problem.
Truth. I never understood the admiration for America and their lifestyle
Depends on what you see. Most "normal" Americans don't parade themselves on social media and like many other humans on the planet, and are in fact normal lol.

Problem is that is what you see. And it is what I see as an American too lol. It's all around just bad. Our country has massive issues in the education/critical thinking department