Should we open the spoiler thread Friday w/ fake spoilers

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Depends on what you see. Most "normal" Americans don't parade themselves on social media and like many other humans on the planet, and are in fact normal lol.

Problem is that is what you see. And it is what I see as an American too lol. It's all around just bad. Our country has massive issues in the education/critical thinking department
Most people irl don’t hate Americans either. This is just an internet phenomenon
Idk, It's been too long. I wasn't involved with spoilers until right at the end of jaiminis so I never saw raw scans to see the original japanese
They were pretty good. I remember this specific line from Jaiminis when Kaidou defeated Luffy; “What kind of king did you say you’ll be, you brat?” to which Viz translated; “What king was that, boy?”.