Should we open the spoiler thread Friday w/ fake spoilers

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King and Queen = negged the Scabbards during Oden's flashback

Kaido = got clowned by the Scabbards before defeating them

The Scabbards = refused to fight King and Queen in Onigashima

Ryokugyu = negs King and Queen 7 days after their defeat

You know what.

I think Oda knows about the admiral vs Yonko debate.

Just like how he knows about the Zoro vs Sanji debate.

He’s gonna give Greenbull some stupidly impressive combat and/or AOE feat that throws fuel on the fire.
Like Oda probably gets a million Zoro vs Sanji and Admiral vs Yonko SBS questions that he chooses not to answer.

He’s definitely aware of any popular debates in the fandom.