Should we open the spoiler thread Friday w/ fake spoilers

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Like Oda probably gets a million Zoro vs Sanji and Admiral vs Yonko SBS questions that he chooses not to answer.

He’s definitely aware of any popular debates in the fandom.
100%, there's no fucking shot most of his questions are just about boobs, he chose to ignore anything about admirals, haki, df's, Yonko, Zoro vs Sanji, Admirals vs Yonko etc unless he can sneak around and avoid direct answers.
And they do that by elevating 2 pirates that have shitty crews, no allies, no political power or territories, to have a similar threat level? :saden:
Yes it’s very confusing we will have to wait for the truth. It’s hard to imagine that law and kid come close to luffy without a fleet, territory, ally’s and a mid crew