Should we open the spoiler thread Friday w/ fake spoilers

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No he has been fighting two yc since ch 1000 alone longer than the supernovas have against Kaido and Big mom.
Luffy has already drained his haki during that time Marco has been hella impressive even if he goes down that won't change.
Marco has been fight 2 Base Calamities whilst using his DF. He shouldnt even be using his DF to land hits...but he is. Its his own fault hes wasting his stamina.


Turning water into beer
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We don't even need to wait.
Kicking Jabra/Absalom by the side was a sneak attack.
The entire Page One fight was a massive sneak attack.
He needed Brook to hold off Sheepshead to side kick him.
Sanji's only admirable fight was against Wanze.
And that guy is un-scalable fodder garbage.

And these are all considered Big W's and totally legit fights.
Cry more, there's better ways to down play Sanji. This is just pure cope